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  1. Can I change my photomanip. picture? This picture may not seem to fit the theme "in the dark" but it actually does... I took this shot at night in my room with the lights off, and the flash illuminated the eye and parts of the surrounding skin. I basically just desaturated the skin and altered the colour of the eye itself.. original photo was of my eye :)
  2. Yeah, i was surprised. Im animal obsessed (which is why i do vet sci) and was going to go get some food and thought i saw a cat.. but then realised its head was too long and then knew it was a possum.. i went up to it and it didnt move, just looked at me briefly then went about 2 metres up a tree and just sat there. MOST possums dont do that, id say this ones just used to people cause it lives at the college. but yeah.. id DID let me get that close, and was taking teh bits of apple from my hand :)
  3. unmanipulated: a brushtail possum that visited last night manipulated: photo of the full lunar eclipse in australia
  4. mhmm hope my entry fits the theme. If not, dosnt matter. broke in my pixelling hand again. will pm it to you soon PJB
  5. yay! Ill be able to get it done! thats awesome... Have to try and finish a report for university as well lol. makes life much better cause i thought id have to drop out. now, i just hope my pic fits the theme properly!
  6. ugh i dunno if im going to finish in time. Ive only just finished the linework, and its 1300 x 600 pixels!
  7. I'm a "probably" and will most likely end up doing a pixel. few questions... 1: can i do an animation? 2:can we include 'scenes' from RS which arnt actually possible to do in the game, but where the objects in the 'scene' are found in the game? if that made sense? I have an idea, would love to do it.. just... yeah :D
  8. you made it too easy PJ :( but, wheres my cookie? This should be interesting... i wanna see more entries tho :D
  9. Well, I havn't been on here for AGES and technically shouldn't be on right now.. university exams.. first is tomorrow. darn it. Anyway, last night I was mucking around with my camera, and took some photos of my eye and decided to play with them in photoshop. Unfortunately I was an idiot and saved over the original but I have an almost identical picture I will post as soon as I find it. Yes, my eyes are blue, but no, theyre not THAT blue.. i wish lol This is what it looked like after just changing teh colour/contrast etc In-between version This is what it looks like after someone suggested adding 'makeup' to it lol. Any CC/suggestions and which one do you prefer? edit: picture very similar to the original;
  10. simply raised the contrast in PS. may be too contrasted now, but you get the idea :wink: nice job so far. still think you should re-work teh eyes, they look.. strange and too large.. kinda like he's on drugs.. lol
  11. Thanks for the comments guys :P got my holidays starting tomorrow, am flying home for the week. would like to get some more pixels done, but dont think ill have time. so much other stuff to do! and its good to see otehrs think ive improved.. i try to get better wtih every pixel, and think ive suceeded to some extent but im glad for the confirmation. means im not gettin worse! :lol:
  12. mil; "blue dragon" Ozzy; the first one (with the spheres and animation) Vlad
  13. unfortunately i dont have much spare time to be making pixels. also, i cant think of any ideas i'd really like to do, so yeah.. lol. and yes, the one80 logo is/was my christian youth group. Christian Bretheran.
  14. Well, ive seen a few others post pixel galleries.. thought i would too! heres Just lots of my pixel work, ones at teh top are the oldest, ones at the bottom are the newest. No, i certainly dont make runescape sigs anymore. Yeah. enjoy :P Earliest one that i still have on my comp. think it was my second sig. earliest avvy i think One of my first avvys another one of my early avvys My first ever pixel animation Just a random ranging sig Another runescape fighting sig. the avvy which i made to go with the sig above. made both back in teh day when we could sell sigs. this was a custom request dragon vs dragon Rich guy sig i made for MDH One of my own sigs; horse sillhouette White tiger a logo i did for my youth group black dragon Pegasus An animation i made; best pixel animation ive made my entry for round 1 of the pixel competition my entry for round 2 of the pixel competition my entry for round 3 of the pixel competition the first picture i made for a while, during my first week of university. perspective is off, i know one of my cats, misty and last but not least, my other cat, merlin note: the order for these sigs may be slightly off. i did most of these a long time ago remember! and, obviously, i am not wanting CC on the older sigs!
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