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  1. yeah i noticed the yellow spot and changed that quickly, i re hosted the image now, and make the circle more subtle PJB21
  2. yeah, i got photoshop CS3 recently and have downloaded about 50 brush sets XD anyways here a fairly good sig i made recently, using some brushes by axeraider and some other technigues oh and this is one of my first photoshop style sigs, considering i made about one other using the cs2 demo a while back, but yeah, i posted that, and it was ages ago... oh and its not for use here, so dont comment on the size of it... comments, cc rate, whatever really PJB21
  3. the eye whites need to be whiter theres still some spots where the hair meets the neck where there is nothing. i suggest just moving all the 'points' over, and have it behind the hair (the layer) it is looking good tho =D PJB21
  4. im under the strong opinion that those colour will give you a headache, and when your ill they wont help! id go for maybe a light brown, a cream, something like that for your walls, i guess it depends on your room alot, but that kinda colour works well, maybe a half coffe half white tone. then, as terly suggested about the canvas, get a canvas and paint a design on there, remember its alot easier and cheaper to replace a canvas than re-make a whole room. thats what id do anyways... oh and when your doing it, use masking tape to keep the lines straight and neat, else it will look dreadful (unless your like very steady handed and have alot of time) PJB21
  5. bullet pointers: - the chest muscles stretch down way to far, bring them up - judging by the angle you should be able to see some of the side, not just the chest muscle stretched across - stomach muscles should be alot wider, and shouldnt be that shape, more curved squares - never put thumbs inside your fingers, if you punch you could break your thumb... im the first to admit this sucks, and is probably the sucky-est example in this topic, but it highlights some of my points, and just for general guidance. i drew over your original, but erased it. PJB21
  6. please can you upload on a different host like imageshack my pc doesnt like photobucket #-o
  7. well you seam to not have much a problem with the poses, theyre fairly good. anatomy is an issue, at least proportions, the arms are off in both pictures, the neck in the second (flying arrows) is to thin and to short, make it slightly thicker and longer, the face on them is too rounded. not that i can easily tell, but remeber that the legs should be about 1.5 times longer than the torso. the mouths are too high, move them lower. shading is non existant on the whole. add some. remember where the light is coming from, keep it the same! and think what parts of the body would fall into shadow. ill be honest, the glow looks crap on arrows on the new one. just remove it. or add a glowing trail flying off the back of the arrow. thinner noses look better, but that could just be me.... the ammy is way to big, in reality it would only be say, 1-2 inches across, thats nearer 4-5 capes are straped around the neck securly. yours isnt. have the chord coming from the far edges of the cape as well as the inner parts, forming two triangles that then meet up. the hand holding the bow looks dodgy, it needs some high contrast shading there, just under the fingers (remember the bow is holding them out) dont use blur effect in pixels, the other thing you can do to pixel work without paint is the text (of corse you can do it in a program that isnt paint, but dont use non-paint functions) um, long hair looks better (but thats just me) :anxious: dont have a plain black background. pic a colour, low saturation, somewhere in the lower half of the paint colour selector, get about 5 shades of it and make a gradientd bavckground. but make sure the colour goes well with the for-ground (click my sig to see some examples) i dont think ideas is your problem, but exucuting them is. try a non range sig next :wink: PJB21
  8. "i might be a bit tardish" love that line its a great comic, still love it XD PJB21
  9. wow terleys hand has an extra finger! XVXVX its looking good so far, looking foward to soing it once you filled the page, must be cool. also if once you done that if you coloured it, or even better, let... hmmm... shush me.... :anxious: PJB21
  10. pjb21


    new piece and of corse my DA link for those who use it PJB21
  11. [img]http://img111.imageshack.us/img111/9569/asigthegodofsoupzz0.gif[/url] PJB21
  12. i cant see your sig for some reason, but state what youd like and i may d it... PJB21
  13. firstly, stay as far from straight lines as posable, but make sure it all still flows. i HATE straight lines, its not natuiral, even in tanks, because of perspective. so firstly id change that, however thats a compleate linework re-work. i know this is kinda hypocritical, but get a different angle on it, i find... hmmm... ill do a quick sketch. i also included a potential colour scheme, and you'll find in the bottom right a colour often suitable for backgrouns when working, if you treasure your eyes and dont want to burn them out >_< oh, and id kill the minigun, make it a .50 browning or some other heavy support gun, it just doesnt look right and tanks are ment to be big heavy, producing hard hitting one shot rounds, not many hundred quick shots, they dont damage tanks that well, and by the looks of it your minigun is a .22 or lower... o0 anyways, hope ive helped, PJB21
  14. love your current avvy =P nice work, the first looks good, however some of the areas of shading look very rough, like scribbled using a mouse, clean then up a bit imo, the linework is good looks nice. dont really like the second, not my kinda style... i do like the last picture tho, it looks really good, the head and the body dont quite seam to fit however, partialy due to colour scheme, and also they arnt blended that well, dunno, just looks very seperate. good work on the whole =) PJB21
  15. i love muffins, looks good, quick but then im not really gonna give CC on it since it was a quick get-used-to-it image the plane one looks cool, just a shame about the plane however... heh :anxious: PJB21
  16. good to see you dont just copy paste into every random topic, without care of what they are atualy doing... :-w
  17. i admit it doesnt match with my sig, but hey, i guess ill have to make a new sig.... on second thoughts, i was about to say i cant be bothered but i think i will give it a go... but its good to hear that other people like it =D PJB21
  18. just wondering what you all thought about it. comments wolcome, not that interested in CC but i rarely ignore it. not just an avvy, but also a logo ive made, which shall be apperaing on all my new large pieces from now on =) however the logo version is more gold *bling emot* PJB21
  19. indeed i am, you seam to know a bit about it, are you in year 11? or simply a smart [wagon] =P thanks for the comment =) PJB21
  20. got something to share with you all, you can find it here at my dev page for best view click on it once to full view. either comment there or on here. write up can be found on dev. PJB21
  21. done skullys... hmm, i really must be getting on with my school work... sorry im afraid ill have to put this on hold for a while. here it is, full size png, avvy size jpeg and code. [img=http://img187.imageshack.us/img187/1685/aavvyskullysclv6.jpg] PJB21
  22. woo first post! i really like the horse sillowette, against the moon, looks so nice. youve done alot of really nice work, are you still continuing now your at uni? couldnt help noticing the youth group one, is that a christian youth group? if so, are you a christian, and what denomination? PJB21
  23. hello one and all, um, yeah post your ideas, wont do what i dont want to, may not do much, only draewing cos im bored, its really just smooth linework. get posting, i dont know how long ill be here =) PJB21
  24. alternativly set your camera to say, 5 second exposure, with fair light input, go to middle of wide open space, point camera upward, start exposure and sweep the camera in a smooth arch. heh, it works.... its just because i have early mornings... XD PJB21
  25. start over be original dont copy
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