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  1. this should go in general runescape, since what your requesting isnt created, rather a screen shot. PJB21
  2. you guys are all cheating *evils* draw it yourself dont copy paste! =P
  3. it wouldnt work, you need to do it in the program really, cos if i was to do it and you copied it into another program the bg will change from transparent to black, messing it all up... PJB21
  4. hmm, it doesnt matter. oh and yes, i removed them all, will post all once submitted, else could be unfair due to increased exposure or something... o0 just waiting for one more =) PJB21
  5. i have let some people, but if you could give me a list/links if its not too much trouble =) PJB21
  6. if your refering to the pixelatedness of the edges, i suggest you use a feather or similar to help blend it =)
  7. well, if those who got to the latest round and made a piece please submit it, maybe if you pm it to me, so i can post anomously :wink: well, since it kinda ended rather badly, with only 4* people finishing it has been decided that we shall vote fr the winners. *even tho 4 finished one (junction) wishes to drop out of the running due to, he felt, lack of effort so heres the pixels to vote for: A: B: C: REMEMBER! did i spell that rioght? anyways... its not just about the look, think about the techniques, the time that it looks like has been taken, and of corse, how well it fits with the theme. a quick reminder for some... good luck to all =) also if a mod can add a poll for the 3 options, very soon please =) PJB21
  8. nah, thats old =P hmm, i really should upload those new sigs... or atleast finish them >_< PJB21
  9. post them here and ill judge tomorow...
  10. yes i know, its crap. want a job done well do it yourself, ive better things to do PJB21
  11. gas mask, often used when going alot of work with pressurized solvent containers for safety purposes.
  12. neo: lensflare? eh? yeah was thinking recently some looked rather stale, as with alot of my work, i do need to work on more dynamic camera angles, will take a while tho probably... tripsis: just gradients, yeah i know its fairly basic, but im currently working on one when im considering better shading style, you know, with form... heh, but it will stil be smooth, dunno how well it will work however... SARA! hey! long time no see =) gonna be back more now? or atleast where i see you... heh. glad to hear you like it, always nice to hear good posative coments. not to say i dont liek CC or anything... PJB21
  13. drag WC ave? more like daroks, really very big imo, as with the feet, sketch, whatever, its discraceful! lol, i cant do it as well as you )= see i mimicked your backwards smiley thing, heh, aint i smart... :anxious: what i said is still true tho, the axe and feet are massive. aslo it seams you tried foreshortening the torso, but maybe to much... the top could do with more sigh it is a top, such as lose parts and flowing edges it seams like theres no base, just disapears under the chest and the arms just disapear as well, on closer inspection it ends at the wrists but still, define that better =) in fact its not just the feet, from the knees downwards its weird, i guess that'll be better defined in colouring, but yeah... still an issue. personaly id have more controled hair, but thats a preferance thing =) PJB21
  14. yeah i know its CC... just im not used to it i guess... noone around here gives it much, and ive just got used to that, heh. ok, hmm, this may be hard, but without to much crit on the style (i guess thats what i dont like about you =P) how can they be improved? PJB21
  15. thanks for the comments, and yes, i like different style, i just get so fed yp of people doing the same style over and ovr, wheathers its MXM's with pixels or that really boring angular one with cartoons... neobot, you always seam to have some kind of negative comment about my work >_< i have considered changeing the shading style, but i like the gradient, it isnt much used and it looks smooth like the rest of the style :wink: and pomar, that jacket is based on VV's from FF7 my friend wants one like his (kinda blood red leather, hes gonna get it commisioned one he has the money) and i said id so a quick picture of it for him, since he wanted help with the colours... PJB21
  16. well, i hardly see any cartoon work atall on this forum and ive been doing quite a bit of it, so i feel that i shall bring it here =) oh and before anyone asks, i use paint.net for the whole thing (unless animated then i also use microsoft gif animator) and, no, i dont want to make a tut : yes i know alot are sampled, but thats for specific reasons, mainly i cba to rename them all... PJB21
  17. make it taller ill probably do something soon... PJB21
  18. oh very nice : only thing i have to said is that i would like to see the leaves and dress blended more, maybe if the dress turned brown near the disintegration points? PJB21
  19. im sorry people, but i dont really see this going anywhere and i really dont have the time. if someone else wants to take over feel free. PJB21
  20. I see what you did thar. :P Ok, just put them on a ground to stand on, or an environment? (: what did i do where? o0 they are on the ground and there is effects around them, but err, you cant see that well... and no im not gonna be redoing the bg, it wasnt ment to be too bold... PJB21
  21. im not silly, simply confused >_< put simply, what gender are you? ive always been certain your a girl, and i think youve said you are a couple of times but yeah, youve confused me, im ment to be the one confusing thingys ÃÆââ¬Å¡ÃâìÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâì as for the tights thing i wouldnt have a clue, never buying one myself, however id imagin so, or if they have an image then look at it :wink: trainer = sneaker when did i say i was onyl wearing them for 2 days? its a life time thing, and worth it! some boots are awsome, its not just for an expo, lol. probably a good idea not to add heels, it may not work too good... i would try explaining myself about the part this corisponds to but i know id only fail and it would go wrong or something... probably warmer that here but anyways... i guess it depends on spring weather but yeah, im guessing it could be warmer (eg summer) but with that cloack thing it may get rather hot, exept your legs, they'll freeze... hmm... i guess that also depends on the thickness of your tights... PJB21
  22. fighters/worriors instead of knights, give room for mages and rangers =) im also oposed to the just standing still position, way to boring, and other characters can make it interesting. knights/worriors are made to fight after all... anyways... i made this image recently in an art leason, was bored, not strictly on topic, but it can be used in 'conflict' comments welcome =) (unless their about anaotmy...) yeah, its 3 people, but thats one for each form of attack. PJB21
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