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  1. thanks i do sometimes, but then i often dont feel much of a reason to unless i like the idea. your welcome to post it and i mjay make it, but im not making any promises. PJB21
  2. mdh, when will we get to judge? cos its been ages since the site was last updated >_< i can understand if its not finished, but surly theres one match where both people have finished... PJB21
  3. as ter said in a previous post, hes moving at the moment so wont be online much due to lack on internet connection. he is, however, still entering since he can still make it on his laptop. PJB21
  4. is this a fake if not wrong section.
  5. sorry thats being used by someone on another forum. PJB21
  6. wow, lovely pictures, you lucky person. must of been really good : those cubs are soo cute, i love them, i want one PJB21
  7. no comments on the new version?
  8. thanks =) no you cant use any of them, since most already belong to people, sorry. and i will =) PJB21
  9. please dont bump old topics
  10. pjb21


    its a vector brush set i belive, you can find them on DA PJB21
  11. zombies crawling the place under heavy fire! if not the flying monkeys will do i guess :roll: i guess one thing you could try is adding a faint background of a mountain range in there. im not really sure, i get a sence it needs something fairly large and closeup at the right of it, from top to bottom, like a dead tree or something, but i dont know how posable that is, yod need terra v2 and knolage of how to use it (its really confusing >_<) hmm, good luck. does look very nice tho, just kinda empty, like most deserts :XD: PJB21
  12. pjb21


    ohh nice =) i like it. i like the render and the brushes you used. the colour scheme is alright, not one of my favs but it dont look too bad =) PJB21
  13. ive made a new version. compleatly new, for those that arnt aware thats my hand, heh, its kinda hard to workout otherwise. PJB21
  14. sorry double post >_
  15. i made a new sig. yes i saved it as a horrific jpeg, originaly 40odd kb, now 10kb =) its ment to be distorted and messy, if the name hadnt already given that away to you :XD: V2 comments welcome PJB21
  16. bananas umbrells (sp?) may poloute (sp?) yeah i cant spell >_<
  17. that same reason why im looking foward to the 3day long exam #-o put simply: Freedom thats what i belive art is about, none of ths copying others work, wheres your expression in that? i dont know just REALLY pee's me off when you have to copy some pictiure some dead guy drew in their style. >_< do you draw much in your free time? if not yo should, you can enter it into your gcse as other work, just to show ability and your not restricted to anything, its free drawing. PJB21
  18. it would have been fine untill you jinxed it! meh. i guess we'll have to wait and see how it turns out :wink: PJB21
  19. since this is a pixel thing then i guess that means theres not alot of use for you unless you wish to be tutored. ill have to wait and see, cos its my gcse's this yeah so yeah ill be rather busy with revision and stuff >_< but as said, ill think about it =) PJB21
  20. ill think about it, but im rather busy atm. PJB21
  21. barron theres no way thats pixel, if you were that experianced at pixel then it wouldnt be jpeg >_< (its still nice just not pixel) so you can really be a tutor. dkj, how can you look at someone when theyre not here to look at? conpemplate that :wink: PJB21
  22. Coming from the guy who used it for ages and still does on every other rs forum. ;) And will probably change it back soon, I'm just using this one 'cause I made it yesterday. (Y) EDIT: 360 degrees of posts :D :XD:
  23. comming from the guy not using the sig i made him #-o lol, nah its ok. just wondering what colurs for mage and range? PJB21
  24. back to the begining with a mini sig. AA'd this one like i did the original minis, didnt dither, i dont like it tbh, but yeah. was thinking of making a series with diff things, eg mele range and mage and diff colour eyes. PJB21
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