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  1. Rawr! I r teh puzzle master! (and many other things)!! Cower at my feet Jalyt-Ket- With me by your side you shall vanquish puzzles and your math homework! prapare to be my..... Friend! Add me in-game (33allmity) for some chatting or I'll have to unleash my pickpocketing skills on you, your bank will be barer then bare!! (What I meant was: Good Luck with your goals! even though I don't know you welcome to tif! also I'll be plundering for a long time (71/99) so I would like some company!! :) )
  2. Gratz on the level Rah! I'm sure you will win but oh well, I'm racing two others so I figure I should race someone doing the same skill, rather then comparing apples with oranges! Hope you can join the sceptre club! as you know I got level 71 and sceptre number 2 today so you should *hopefully* get one soon. Good Luck dk PS. I r riting in blu 4 a chng, plz dnt dss, Lo1 PS.PS.Bad grammer is fts, look ^^ its like a three year old, never write in bad grammer, and blue is awesome :
  3. Lol' date=' my thoughts exactly..... *Muahahahaaa!!!!...... I know your weakness.....* SPAM.............. ...........ATTACK lets see how you like it in those colours.... :twisted: Gratz on the RCing Level btw. I'm having insane luck with Sceptres on my way to 99 thieving too! 2 from 47-71 (800k exp) which if you do the math is like 23 or so sceptres by 99 Thieving, yes, I know, very unlikely, but still :D got my second one run after 71 too.... : Good Luck! :P
  4. So..... thats why I didn't become a mod, you stole my postition! :notalk: -.- your going down........ time for a..... SPAM...................... ...................ATTACK! please don't ban me..... :ohnoes:
  5. ........::::::::The Daily Blog::::::::........ Wow! What a blast! Best day yet, its days like this that make me want to plunder! :P Worked my way to 71 Thieving, which I got, followed by a Pharoahs Sceptre the run after :P too bad I saved Sceptre pic over the top of Thieving level, but still, 750k up for the day and now I can get 100k exp an hour!! So far Thieving has cost me in supplies about 40 super antis, not much (100k or so) which has been covered by the gold drops, and since I got a 1k monkfish donation by Holacolas (best donation yet ) food doesn't cost me a penny, since I have 400 lobsters left over from getting 52 prayer at green dragons I have all food banked for 99 and can easily afford more supers when the time comes. When you add 1.5mil worth of sceptre drops (2) I basically made more money here then I had also I brought one at the start but since I'm banking with nardah bank now (so I don't risk a sceptre If I lag - d scim protects over antis and monks, sceptre doesn't) which isn't much longer anyway I can sell it back and buy some supplies for skilling (most likely 1k steel bars into knives for ranged, and some ess to level runecrafting, maybe re-buy my whip :D ) Talked enough? Well its fathers day so I won't play much but hopefully I can get on and test the new 100k exp an hour : EDIT: and through all that talking (well, typing) I forget to post screenie? silly Daniel *slaps with raw trout* "Ouch!...." : only 28 more :mrgreen: .... :roll:
  6. Uhhh..... what can I say? hmmm..... FREE D BOOTS PL0X?!?!?! Okay, okay, enough with the bad grammer, congrats on the Agility lvl and the D boots, I'm going to wait untill it cools down there before I go. Looks like fun :) Now, you better hurry up and get 99 Wood Cutting, or I might have to *gasp* not come to your party..... :o Now wouldn't that be a shame :wink: Good Luck with all your goals Val, I'll be rooting for you \
  7. ........::::::::The Daily Blog::::::::........ Okay, after wasting half an hour trying to get into W2 I gave up selling my sceptres and went back to Thieving! hopefully getting level 71! "prays"
  8. Thanks for all your support guys! trying to think of something funny to say..... hmmm....... :? ooo!!! I know!!! watch..... :) funny o.O.... can't beat that, can you, huh? lol :XD: I r teh skills : ........::::::::The Daily Blog::::::::........ After wondering around on the forums for an hour looking at various God Wars Dungeon posts I finally logged in. Was quite bored. Going to play gnomeball with Shey now! never played it before #-o EDIT: and now I find out Shey isn't playing anymore? -.-
  9. ........::::::::Daily Blog::::::::........ Kept playing for a while! Got level 70 Thieving! now its tying with my combat stats, almost my number one! Also means I screenied it and almost a new room! w00T!?!?!? c0m3 0n pl0x s0m30n3 b34t m3??!?!!? hmmm..... next time I'll just use ....
  10. I'd like to congratulate you on finishing Legends Quest, It is on my to-do list for after 99 Thieving, and will do after I finish frem Isles and Heros, and get stat requirements :roll: Good Luck mate! Post on my blog sometime? :anxious: dkjestrup
  11. Good Luck with your goals. Nice and original, better hope no-one copys you (like mine, codguy + rahila :evil: -jokes-) but your stats IMO are quite nice, very evenly spread, which will make it easier later on. Good Luck! :)
  12. Bump! ----------------------------------------------------------------- ........::::::::Daily Blog::::::::........ Wow, got level 69 today! Also updated with more racers (Devoted12 and Rahila) I'm going to screenie the next two lvls! Also, how often do you think I should post screenies of levels? once a level? every second? what's your opinion?
  13. I've got to go so I'll be quick and straight to the point. I'm lvl 68, almost 69. I'm going for 99. THERE IS AN ALTAR IN SOPHEUM (spell?) why on earth is everyone using pohs, lumby etc?!?!?!?!? it works fine. :-s First post in ages without use of proper grammy so, please don't flame me about it.
  14. Hello Rahila! I see you're going for that 99 Thieving, care to race? I'm not that far behind you (lvl 68) so if you want to its on -.- A lot of people are going for it on tif lately! (Codguy, You and me) and I can see why, great exp, decent cash - don't make much of a loss - and great fun, as well as having one of the best looking capes in the game, emote aside, and it ain't too common either :)
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