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  1. I have just recieved a PM with the old vote for tip.it phish. How do I get this idiot banned?
  2. Effective but expensive. I have gone from 70 range to 80+ just from cannoning slayer tasks. I would have spent 4 or 5 million on cbs. You only get 2 xp per damage. For non slayer use I hear ice trolls would be the closest to earning your money back.
  3. You can also take a familiar with a mining boost. I'm not sure on the armour - you do get a bonus ore every so often, but it does disrupt your dropping rhythm. Take plenty of breaks, I find I get really burnt out doing this.
  4. Oh ok I was thinking of just running to the Keldagrim bank. That way does sound faster. As a fine tune to the fairy ring method, try a slayer ring to the slayer cave ring, should save a little time vs running across the bridge at edgeville.
  5. Wow, I'd do the lottery every week at those odds. Euromillions draw is a 1 in 70 million chance.
  6. That was where the super energy reference came from - you have to run from the bank. Terrorbird is better though.
  7. Yes, your increased productivity will more than pay for them.
  8. This was the hardest part in getting a quest cape! Use sharks. You need a big heal if you get hit. Timing is everything. Wait until you hear the beast fire then move. The attack will then hp to your last position. If you move too soon you get hit, so don't just run blindly. The ogre spa is your best net for run energy.
  9. You would need to finish Cabin Fever.
  10. There is a spot in the sw corner of the dungeon, where only melee scarabs can reach you. Set up your cannon there and pray melee. Task done in ten minutes, plus twenty crimson charms, and maybe a rune drop.
  11. It is worth killing the babies. If you want to kill the big ones pray mellee, but then you'll want to bank the bones and hides to cover your costs.
  12. They all end up in your bank.
  13. Try catspeak amulet? Don't think he's very helpful tho
  14. I opened my house when training 70-75 prayer. People couldn't enter while I banked, but people who were already there stayed put. It also eliminates house loading times.
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