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  1. Its not even the "Are u a Bot?" question that irks me....it's every 30 seconds some fool screams out "LEVELS?"...and then announce that if you do not respond in 10 seconds, you get reported. I remember cutting Willows and about 10 people start typing their levels...I was a wiseazz and would type 1...and then get flamed for it...LOLOL. My point of view...ask a duhm question, get a duhm answer. P-Mod wannabees bother me more than the bots do...now that is pretty darn sad.
  2. Got 8 Herblore lvls (70 - 78). I wasn't ready for the weekend...the Hurricane had knocked out power in my area for almost a week. I couldn't get into the RS groove because of all the clean-up in my neighborhood. So much to do...too little time. I had 10k vials that i didn't fill...never made all the unfinished pots that would have really given me the XP jolt I should have gotten...was still buying ingredients on the final day of the Bonus XP Weekend. I still have several thousand 2nd ingredients I did not prepare (Grind) prior to the start of the event. Although I don't think I did bad, it could have been alot more. I will be prepared next time.
  3. Hmmm...Do you need to be in a Clan to do the Cryptic Clue Fest? She brushes me aside when I try to talk to her. Wondering if I missed something while reading the Forums. Please let me know. Thanks! NVM...I just went and talked to every NPC in the Clan Area, and then came back to spoke to her...she let me start it off then.
  4. Bot Hunters are worse than the bots...IMHO. I came down the stairs of the Mage Guild after getting 99 Mage and buying Cape, when what do i see...3 players outside the door spam clicking them. The Bots seemed to be able to go right through their nonsense, but I couldn't. I had to tell them to knock it off. It seems that this is another one of those dumb attempts by "Bot Hunters" to catch bots...but instead are snagging legit players. Wish their was a forum just for them, so other Bot Hunters (who are better at it) can explain better ways of catching them than the kindergarten attempts they are making now. There are plenty of ways to trap and get them killed...but spam clicking the doors at the Mage Guild isn't one of them.
  5. When I used to train on the Wilderness course, it was before the Wildy was taken away and replaced with Revs. It was a rush to hit the lever and run to the course. It was always funny to see someone chasing me, but then couldn't get into the course...LOL. For those sad souls who do PK there, I label them as "Cake Bandits"...since the only thing I would bring was a load of cakes. The same can be said of Abyss PKers...there is NO REASON to PK there except to be annoying. Those who do Abyss runs will only ever have Pure Essence on them and pouches (maybe). It was always amusing to me that someone would risk getting skulled FOR NO PROFIT by attacking an Abyss RCer. Same can be said of those PKing at the Wildy course. These are the type of folks who cannot PK toe to toe with a prepared player...they want to beat their chest and claim how good they are by attacking unarmed opponents...LOLOL They are, in a word, PATHETIC.
  6. I don't know about you but I blame George Bush.... :rolleyes: LOL...wondered when someone was gonna blame Bush...ROFLMAO
  7. Ok...I have to admit that when I originally responded to this thread, my response was geared as a P2P player...I actually had not logged onto a F2P world in a VERY long time. With that said, I have to admit I was a bit shocked at how many "potential" bots I saw at some spots when I did logon to F2P. I do remember a time before Bots were around in large numbers. I cut my teeth on F2P for 8 months before becoming a member. As it is now, I can see how a new player, just starting off, might be turned off to the game by this. We, as a community, are potentially losing new blood because they are put off by the Bots. Be that as it may, I still stand by my conviction that Bot Hunters are just as annoying as the Bots themselves. Since I could care less about High Scores, I really don't see what the Bot jealousy is all about. Caring about High Scores should have gone out the window several tears ago. I say just play the game in whatever way makes you happy. Care about your RS friends, and play as a group. Those who use Bots...I feel sad for you. "Your" accomplishments are hollow. I think Jagex does a pretty good job with this game. All MMO's have Bot problems, so why anyone would expect different on RS is beyond me. I salute all the real players out there...they are the only ones who will read this anyway...LOL. :grin:
  8. Now that the original Wildy is back, it is best to keep your CMBT lvl LOWER, to assure you have better area to range in the Wildy...thereby increasing your killing area. That also applies to Staking...to throw off your opponent. I'm assuming that's the reason for keeping Def low...if its for another reason, I apologize for jumping to that conclusion.
  9. Broke - by Glen Beck. I'm not too Political of a person, but the book has a very easy to read format, and explains things in a manner very easy to understand. He blasts everyone in the US Government for screwing up the USA. Its very insightful...and scary at the same time. I highly recommend it.
  10. There should be a penalty for making False reports...it might rein in some of the wanna-be PMods. When I am training boring skills (fletching, crafting, or Alching at bank) I turn off Chat...I don't wanna be interrupted. As bad as the Bot Hunters are...and have itchy trigger fingers for reporting, I probably have been reported. Thankfully, I have not had a blip on my RS record so far...I check to see if I have marks, and have had no messages from Jagex. But still...after playing for more than 8 years (on and off), it would really suck to have my account banned due to false reporting. At this point in my RS career, I h8 Bot Hunters more than the Bots themselves...and that is due to the eagerness of players to report JUST BECAUSE they "believe" someone is botting. I, like several of the previous posters, refuse to answers every 30 seconds when some asks what level in "insert skill" everyone is. I usually respond with WHO CARES...if I respond at all. I think false reporting should cause marks against someones account as well. You are taking up the time of someone at Jagex to investigate false claims...when they could be zeroing in on real cheaters.
  11. My older brother actually asked me to play the game and check out how safe it was, because my Nephews were really into it at one point - he trusted my opinion on it, since I have been a gamer my whole life. I caught the bug, and was off to the races. 7 years later...nephews rarely play anymore(Xbox consumes their time), while I'm still plodding along. I've taken breaks...tried other games...but always seem to return to RS. It's not easy walking away from something that you put so much time into. Of the clans I belonged to, 60%+ were older than 18. So....CHEERS to all the old folks out there in RS land - you are not alone. :shades:
  12. Range is a VERY slow skill to train out of the gate. To speed it up somewhat, change your combat style to "rapid". Chickens are your best bet when starting out. Tip: Keep an axe and tinderbox in your inventory. Collect/bury all bones, collect all the feathers. When your inventory is full, go outside the pen and chop a regular tree (you will have to drop one raw chicken first). Light the fire, and use the raw chickens on the fire (don't forget to pick up the one you dropped!) - this is decent way to get your cooking level up pretty quickly, and breaks up the monotony of just Ranging. Plus - no need to bank them...just drop them once they are either cooked or burned. As your level in cooking advances, you will burn less. Better to burn chickens, rather than fish once you start to train that skill. Chickens are a good spot to train all your combat stats initially. I believe it is the only "monster" that cannot kill you no matter what. When I started out, I trained there for quite some time to build up Attack, Strength, and Defense. Once my Defense level was decent (around 20), I went and trained Range and Magic on Cows. A Hearty, Welcome to Runescape! :grin:
  13. @ Emerson I didn't level the botting accusation - you did. Have proof? Of course not! The burden of proof is on those doing the reporting - not me proving that I am playing legit. If you are gonna level the accusation, you better be sure. There are too many wannabe P-Mods in RS. Just making shotgun reports to Jagex bogs the system down, and their resources are wasted. Reporting someone for the sake of reporting WITHOUT doing "due diligence" should be considered Abuse as well. And once again, my underlying point is completely missed - I'll state it AGAIN: THERE ARE MULTIPLE THREADS stating the same thing! here's the excerpt from the Forum Rules, which too few people read: 1.2 - Irritating Posting Styles/Spamming In order to maintain an environment that promotes ease in the exchange of information, spamming is prohibited. Spamming includes posting entire messages using excessive formatting (all caps), posting the same message repeatedly, cross posting the same message in multiple forums, making pointless threads or replies (such as "+1" posts), begging (for yourself or another player), posting referral links* in posts or signatures, excessive use of "smilies"/characters/spaces/blank lines/nested quotes, and so on. Additionally, do not pointlessly bump old threads unless you're contributing to the topic. You may bump a topic in the Marketplace or a very important thread elsewhere, but not whilst the thread is still on the first page of the forum. *Whether or not a link is a referral link is left up to a moderator's discretion. We ALL know Bots are bad. But instead of there being 1 main "Bots are Bad Thread" where everyone adds their rant, people are allowed to create NEW ones - Pointless Threads are my rant! I get it, and whole-heartedly agree - BOTS ARE BAD! Now...can this be closed already?
  14. If I did, I'd probably have attained level 99 in multiple skills. Since I don't, I only have 1 99 - in Cooking. I'll send you my Paypal Account info on where to deposit the $5. LOLOL
  15. I don't think it is commonly accepted. When I am confident that a players actions are clearly in the realm of botting (same movement and positioning bank run after bank run), I report it. But I try to do my reporting in a way that doesn't trip up legit players as well. Spam clicking doors catches ALL players - bots and legit. If someone doesn't respond when I ask a question, I cannot assume they are a bot - they could be muted or just refuse to respond! True - I can train @ AZs and try and compete with other players there - or a few of the other monsters that drop ess, but clearly they are not a guarantee source or essence in bulk during the small snipets of time I have to play; mining or buying are the faster choices. But these are options - which is what I was getting at in my OP. If one method is not working, find another! I admit it was annoying, at first, to alter my game play due to bots. But it also forced me to explore RS and read guides on Tip.it to unearth alternate ways of achieving my goals. I feel I am a better player for it. There is a lot of knowledge available for players in the Guides section - just some people are way too set in there ways to think outside the bot box. And...I do understand that there are ways to make money at Skilling - but it requires higher levels that the majority of players don't have. I structured my response from a Membership perspective - it may have been short-sighted since I have not had to play in the Free Game for quite some time - for free players, I would assume the bots are a bigger problem than for members. The main skilling methods for making money are firmly set in the Member side of RS - it never existed on the Free servers after the GE came online...and debatable whether skilling was profitable on the free servers prior to the GE. With that said, I also realize that the bot problem can never be completely eliminated. I counter with the potential that there is room for abuse in false reporting and the resulting ban/mute that DOES impact legit players. Let's face it - the bot problem is WAY less than when it used to be in the heady RWT days. I'm glad those days are over and I do not expect we will ever see Bots in that volume again - there is just no incentive. I am optimistic that once these "Bots" achieve their goal, the accomplishments are hollow and they will move on from boredom. RS will be in constant flux due to bots, but it is better now than it used to be. And to end - Instead of constantly accusing Jagex of doing nothing, I have instead decided to give them props for what they have done and continue to do. I do not want to see them turn a deaf ear to bots due the constant barrage of complaints from players - maybe encouraging them with some good natured praise will be better that dousing them in venom all the time.
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