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  1. I love Flight of the Conchords. <3 The Humans Are Dead wins at life.
  2. They could implement an option - whether you want your drops to be in item or monetary form, possibly at the start of the LootShare session in order to make sure people don't just switch the item/money option to get the item for themselves and only themselves when they get a really good drop. I knew they'd try and work through the kinks, and I don't doubt that they'll take suggestions into account. They're not going to change anything back to what it had been, though (I've been hearing that way too many times -_-;; ). It's nice to see JaGEx communicate with their players like this, though - keeping us in the loop is very important and does help build a bit of customer contact.
  3. Congratulations all. :) Best of luck! I know you'll do well. :D
  4. *pops in* Looks great, Woopi. :D I've used those brushes before, they're great (assuming the brushes you used are the ones I'm thinking of). ^^ You've definitely spiced up the image for the better. :) Good job! *disappears back into obscurity*
  5. Hey everyone, just a quick message from Outsanity: he says sorry for the not-being-here-lately thing - he's kinda tied up as he's moving at the moment and can't get online much other than to update the list. I'm not sure when he'll be back properly, but a big thank you to everyone supporting! We've hit 101 supporters! :D Keep the support coming! Whoo! - Faelenof :)
  6. Username: Faelenof Country: New Zealand *throws pavlova around*
  7. Very good of you to offer to make the signature. Kudos. Looking good so far. As someone mentioned, don't save as .jpg (right click -> properties says it's .jpg ><), kills the quality and makes it awfully grainy. To make a glassy effect (I've never actually tried it myself, so I don't know how it'll look), you could try and take a shade lighter of the colours there and draw thick 'streaks' across a bit of the glass. You could also look in older signatures (I'd link you to one but I don't actually know where they'd be) and try and replicate the glassy technique there as well. Not much else to crit for now, as it's a WIP. Best of luck, and again, good job offering. :) - Fael
  8. Woah, dude, calm down. Leave the poor guy alone - it's one thing to say that it's very unlikely that they'll actually get someone to make it, but it's another to put it like that. The guy's just requesting a signature - isn't that what this forum is for? Honestly, this sounds like a pretty good idea. Maybe back in the day (I feel old saying that, I'm only 16 ><) I would have considered it, but I'm incredibly busy now so I'm definitely out. Pixels (or at least my ones) take weeks on weeks to do - no one has the time nor the motivation to do it anymore, I'm afraid, Vincent. Please quit with the headbiting of the people that ask for pixel sigs, Yaff. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all. - a ranty Fael
  9. May as well make my support official. ;) As a F2P I won't be able to enjoy this thing, but as I told you I've always liked the treasure hunting thing, and the little surprise you get at the end. This is a great idea - I admit I wasn't all that convinced with Archaeology at first but the scope of the skill has gotten me hooked. :P I'll try and get those item images to you before the end of next week, but things are getting a bit hectic now even in the holidays, so the prospect is less likely. :| I'll do my best. :) Good job again! :D - Fael
  10. Good luck mate!! *throws confetti and disappears back into the night*
  11. Great job so far. :) The animation is looking very cool, and the backgrounds look good so far. Not too much feedback from me, I'm afraid - I don't see much wrong with it. Colour choices are nice, no big perspective issues I can see. Keep us updated. ;) Good luck with it!
  12. oh [bleep] no, i hit a letter by accident you dumb [bleep], i was trying to help him, not be a [bleep] jerk, now you have gone and pissed me off, you [cabbage] [bleep] Woah woah woah, let's all calm down here. Yaff, swearing, quite honestly, doesn't get you anywhere and that's really not much of an excuse to flame someone. :? Onto the crits: - Bigger is not always better. Downsize your canvases and crop unnecessary white space. - As someone said above, don't save pixels as .jpgs, and you can save them as .pngs in paint. - Read up on human anatomy over the internet. We've got tons of resources there. Use them. The best thing you can do for yourself right now, in this stage of your art, is to read tutorials. Read, read, read, try stuff, read again, try more stuff, and so on and so forth. Best of luck.
  13. New Zealand, baby. :D Not a big rugby watcher myself, but everyone vaguely knows about rugby if you live here. ;) Just watched the last fifteen minutes or so of the France vs. Argentina game - Argentina won 17-12. Woo! I thought they played a great game against France (even though I didn't know what was going on half the time and kept bugging my brother to explain ^ : ) Next game's New Zealand vs. Italy, I think... go the All Blacks! Woot!
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