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  1. i'm still around. havent played runescape in awhile. guess i need to get all the latest good stuff. maybe. they made me a pmod strangely enough. anyway rate best out of 10. :) and the girl i'm with probably doesnt want her pics up on here, so i took them off..
  2. 3 champions killed. i honestly havent put the effort in, in the past. recently got a scroll after about 5k killed. working on another and so far it's over 9000 and nothing. makes me want to 1 hit the champion once i get it. jagex has already commented on the official forums in the recent updates faq and that answers what they think about the rewards. it's too hard for it to be given a good reward basically. "We really didnt want to make the scrolls easier to get as we feel that there is plenty of room in our game for hard to achieve cosmetic rewards. The content isnt designed to be something you can buy or earn, its just a random drop chance. Dont forget, the XP rewards are pretty small as its supposed to be a cool looking benefit, not a must have." i dont kill low level monsters normally and depending on my mood, it's either an interesting challenge or a huge annoyance. if they give it a good reward, they would nerf the drop rate. if that's what you want? but i doubt they'll do that anytime soon. they actually made the challenge harder by requiring slayer levels with the spectre.
  3. i like undead trolls in the wgs area. it's hard to get there and your inventory fills up fast so i let my cannon decay there, it's an ok spot if you're willing to take the time to get there.
  4. long answer but, i'll say momentum. people like to stick with a task, even when you're sticking with 1 task you can still be doing it in a way that doesnt ignore other areas of the game. but momentum and determination for why people want to get from 80 to 99. also love of the skill. there's been skills i've enjoyed very much training for the benefits i got from that skill plus i just enjoyed the atmospheres surrounding the training of that skill etc. for general 99's- i like the challenge involved and the planning and the fact there are so many different ways to train, you can train for speed, for leisure, for money, or for supplies for other skills. but choosing the path you take is something only you can decide and following through with it and achieving a level 99 is a satisfying achievement. i try to train all my skills to support my overall character and the direction it and the game is going. so, i like the challenge of all the various options being there and all the varying possibilities. i like seeing a plan come to fruition. during the process you do learn things and that give you new insights about the game etc. i'd be lying if i didnt say i learned from other player's strategies too, but i've created my own as well and for me the type of atmosphere i'm surrounded by in game is the biggest factor for how i train, where i train, and with what i train and what i train. i think there are some skills that i really enjoyed so much i would settle for nothing less than the max in that skill. so i went for it. i will say there are times when the leveling is easy and times when it was very difficult but the original momentum and plan and drive was strong enough to get through those tougher times and every time i rediscovered my love for the skill; i'm mostly thinking of runecrafting, because that was my most 'epic' 99 as far as i'm concerned. it's funny becuase when i first started i got to rank 300 in mining and that was mainly to support my smithing. but i did it also because i enjoyed it. mining was a little different in rsc. 30 inventory slots. but i had no idea about the mining rank and i was totally surprised to see it at the time and at that time it was kind of a pride thing where you wanted your smithing level to be around your mining level and of course i wanted to mine runite and i did... and the day rsc turned into rs2 i had been completely obvlious and i didnt even know that was gonna happen. i wasnt aware of it, but it was a pretty cool surprise. :) and i still did what i had planned to do that day and that was mining and superheating. but mining was one of my last 99's it was a first love and a love but not my greatest love.
  5. you dont know how i trained herblore. i trained herblore over the entirety of my membership so whatever. you totally read what you wanted to read into what i said. my herblore level is 99 and then some. and it's been for like over 2 years. figure out another way to train it if that's the only choice you have. try finding some player suppliers, that's what we did back in the old days before the ge. and i understand you can spend your money but the point is you waited until now and that's your own fault and what do you expect when there's so many people like you that wait until the last minute. it's like trying to find a nice room in a hotel during peak season by just showing up; you'd have to be lucky to get a spot. but you guys are so quick to demand jagex change this and jagex change that instead of figuring out what you should do besides complain. and i dont suggest rs as a single player it's been multi-player the entire time i've played it and i'm just saying buying your levels from the ge is not the only way to train herblore.
  6. the truth is the value of the xp is worth something in a game like runescape. when there was only 1 or a few rune smiths or high lvl crafters or fishers they can set the price for the demand but when that changes xp becomes the primary motivator for many. so fishers sell away their cook xp and cooks provide an income for fishers etc. what i did was actually train with the fish i caught and used my potions and trained my character; becoming stronger and having more resources and one thing led to another. as for the game becoming easier, it's funny because it's the same people, the same generation of people, that kept asking for this and that and easier ways to train etc. and they got what they demanded basically and it still goes on obviously. but, there are still profitable ways to train skills and it may not be the fastest most efficient but maybe the most enjoyable and profitable. so it's laid out there for you to do as you like. the thing that bothers me though is people just dont get it sometimes, when something is high in demand with little supply; jump on it. etc. it really has less to do with the design of the game it's more about the adaptability or quality of the player. what separates a good player from a not as good player you may ask? the ability to make the most of their gameplay at the same time enjoy themselves and accomplish what they're setting out to accomplish etc. as well as finding and capitalizing on opportunities. etc. and instead of saying they've just been adding new things to make the game easier, i actually think they've added a lot of content to make the game more interesting, fun, and enjoyable. like a lot/all of the minigames are. as well as the new skills, runecrafting, slayer, hunting, farming, summoning, and construction. a lot of the minigames are not as 'efficient' for training but they're a lot of fun, that's why i play.
  7. so many whiners i cant believe. do the quest enlightened journey and take the balloon route to either taverly or entrana OR both. they each stock 1k waterfilled vials and 1k eye of newt. use a dueling ring to bank at castle wars and repeat it's actually pretty fast. and you wouldnt have this problem if you had been training the skill all along and gathering the resources all along. instead of selling everything on the ge and now trying to buy your level overnight or within a week just like every other person atm. i really dont have sympathy for people that cant think of a way to train something without buying everything on the g.e. people are just getting lazy. i know someone that everytime they got a slayer task from duradel they stopped and got an inventory of vials, it adds up. does anyone remember what it was like before unlimited stock? i do. it's just pathetic how much money people now have and how little effort they actually put into the game to either get it or keep it or even spend it. you figure it out, it isnt always jagex's or the game's fault. in the meantime deal with it and keep whining i guess. and btw herblore isnt necessarily supposed to be an easy skill to level; that's part of the challenge of the game, you know, the point, the thing that makes it interesting etc.
  8. updated with an after cleanup picture. i've been training slayer and having no problems at all with space now, so think i did alright. would still like to keep a space for rope and a needle though. always could use more space.
  9. most of my cash was in mtk or in offers for buying stuff for the new potions. i got rid of most of the junk. a lot of what was mentioned already i should get rid of. made about 14m from that. didnt sell anything i actually used or would miss. most of the drops i pick up from slayer are herb seeds, and random ammo, herbs etc. really. i want to train slayer without having to go to my house to get stuff, or the ge to unbox stuff, or stop after picking up tons of drops and organizing them, i'd rather just organize it all after i'm done training and ready to stop. i have decided to tach alchs with me when training so that minimizes some of it; but most of the headache was being able to have all my equipment available and still be able to bank anything i felt like keeping, like herb seeds, even impling stuff, and other minigame stuff. i could not go 1 slayer task without either having to stop at my house and clean my bank and visit the ge, that is how it was. so now it's not like that. :) so it's looking good now. i may post an update on this thread when i get around to it. just in time for the cold winter season. i want to use the rest of the 2nds i have on pouches, use the mixes i have and probably do a lot of treasure trails. it's still a work in progress. the main reason i want to free up space is so i can unbox my standard combat equipment and get some of that out of my house also. as well as cannon unboxed all times etc. even mage cape, robin hat, etc. i was able to buy up the rest of the gilded and sara armour for my poh. made a bunch of pouches and got rid of some 2nds that way etc. i just play the game if i wanted to make tons of money to build a cash pile i could do that... just not what i want to do right now or probably ever. i like having money in items and i've been away but my stats are all good. i just felt like the bank is just too crowded and too full. it makes me mad they said they were going to add bank space with a key thing, then they decided no on the key thing, but what happened to the idea of adding more space. no my bank is looking good now and i didnt get rid of anything i use or cant get back so it's all good. i wouldnt sell my ess, i dont need money. i can make tons doing anything i do in the game so money isnt the problem. :) i guess i just wanted some backup on some changes i was planning to make with the cleaning. it's good now. i have about 90 spaces freed up and this is with some sets unboxed. etc.
  10. highlights this bank- the usual + some of the new potions. you know how when you train slayer your bank fills up every task, it's getting ridiculous. i need to make some space and still keep everything i'm using for slayer and things i want to hold onto. for me, it's like looking at the forest from the trees, i'm too close to really get a good sense of what i should get rid of to free up space. so what should i get rid of or put away or drop temporarily? i'm just tired of dealing with the lack of space. [hide=before bank pic][/hide] After pic -highlighted items i can now store in my bank or items i can keep unboxed without hassle or items i can alch/sell later or use for training. i can now use the buttons (empty backpack) & (bank worn inventory). it's nice to be able to do that. when i'm tasking. also i have some space for minigame items and enchanted bolts ETC.. basically i'm pretty satisfied with the cleanup, but i would definitely like them to give us more bank space. [hide=after bank pic][/hide]
  11. just because they can be bought doesnt always mean that it's the most efficient or fun way to train it or the way they got their capes. multi-tasking and being smart about what you buy, and what you dont sell or buy is part of the skill behind training the skills well. a lot of things have changed in the game and some people never had those"benefits" etc. how would you buy 99 thieving, 99 mining, 99 agility, 99 fishing, 99 woodcutting, 99 hunting, and saying you can buy 99 runecrafting is a stretch too. so much for those "respected" capes in your view? also, smart players use their time wisely in the game. to train slayer to 99 can be a great accomplishment but not so much if it's at the expense of your other skills and a more well rounded character, so i'm not really big on saying 1 cape or one style of play is so much better than another. i do believe though that those that do take the time to train a skill deserve good rewards for their efforts and i also see those rewards as incentives to those with lower levels to achieve. rich and poor in this game. having skills in this game > any amount of money. because you can make money with skills. though some people cant see past their personal experience and think having money=buying skills. i mean you can spend a portion on skills but multi-tasking like picking up herb seed drops, farming and herblore, fishing and cooking still exist.. and personally i enjoyed the days i mined my own ores and fished as much as i enjoy doing what i do now. and i still mine occasionally and fish etc. all part of the game and what i feel like doing. end rant.
  12. edit: the desert phoenix feather rather than the one you get from killing the phoenix i was mistaken. i dont think that's such a good ingredient i mean all it involves IS COMPLETE WASTED TIME to get those in the desert. anyway...i think it should have been the phoenix feather you get from killing the phoenix in the cave. moving on. i dont expect you to fully understand all of this because it's a little unclear but i tried to make it understandable. i obviously put too much work into this but i enjoyed it kind of; it helped me understand where i stand with these new potions. 99 herblore btw. i'm hoping they create the ability to decant 4 doses to 3 and 1. as well as 2 doses to 1 and 1. i'm hoping the mixes arent a lost cause. they're still good for training but i'd rather have the best. maybe we should be able to make the mixes into these extreme potions as well! once we get the ability to decant 2 dose to 1 and 1. but have the food benefit removed due to the toxicity of the additional ingredient that would make it extreme 'spoils' neutralizes the food affect. i should say i already placed several purchases for various items at the grand exchange before i did this. i have a good amount of herbs but few seconds and mostly mixes and 4 doses. i'll guess we'll see in the coming days what they do, if they change anything. and i'm sure you can understand i'm low on bank space. for 2nds, these new potions and 3 doses from now on.
  13. the idea is to go to those cities to get that stuff, so the hide makes it easier to read. probably a better guide for people's pures or mid lower level players to make decent money. but if you're high level and you have the bank space or can make the bank space, you would be very fast at completing the clues. what i like about it is, it's like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get and it's not bad money believe it or not; and it's fun.
  14. believe it or not i like to keep my cash down, because if i need money... like say a new skill came out; it would motivate me to make money... if i need it, i can earn it. it's fast and simple. like when summoning came out or even construction; and when i do that i usually make like 3x or more what i actually need; so there's a method to the madness. everything i do in rs, is pretty much do it yourself; and whatever i do, i make more money than i can really use or spend. as you can see, i buy essence from time to time, what that does is it gets that money off my hands and motivates me to do more in the game. i feel this deserves more explanation, i, like many other players was motivated to raise runecraft early on, so i bought enough essence for 99 in that skill. as it went on, i thought maybe the market would be depleted, though cheaters keep the ess flowing; i never wanted to mine what i consider the amount i needed; so i prevented that by buying it often; probably an irrational fear but it makes me feel better knowing i'll never have to deal with inflated prices should that market ever face depletion. it's true, i dont sell stuff often... especially stuff i use, i absolutely do not sell or give away stuff i use; unless i have an over-abundance but that's a call i make and i do it very rarely. [hide=real life stuff]i actually feel out of the loop in rs right now. i've been focusing on other things (nutrition, fitness, mountain bike riding, basketball, weight training, health, etc. and doing well with that!) and it's all good really, but it is fun to log in on occasion, so i doubt i'll ever quit... as long as it's still here.[/hide] my main motivation for getting/making/keeping a lot of stuff in rs is wherever i go, whatever i'm doing in the game; there is an amount of satisfaction knowing my bank is well-stocked and certain items are there and are not going anywhere. same can be said about the stats i've earned; they are in 'concrete' and not moving. quick note- i earned the new agility armour and added that to the bank pic. and it's kind of ironic to earn agility armour in rs. since it 'took away' from my real life training. but, i'm glad i got that over with. :)
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