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  1. Jamie2002 (124) Died 3 times. I'll get it when I go start up tryin' again
  2. Or a better Idea that I've seen in other games. Type a command in and it shows you the list of the people in the area in their level.
  3. Best team. Usualy (w71) that means sara but tbh the red of zammy looks better :)
  4. Yeah spells and the amounts differentiate depending on how specced (rank 2-7 in prayer) the character is. This would be why your results dont match the guides. :)
  5. 3 days and 11 hours will give you from 0-500 fights. after you reach the 500 limit you can't gain any more fights until you use some. This doesn't mean that you can't log in once everyday and use up 140 odd :) ..this make sense now?
  6. Lol that would be pretty funny to win 10m on the spot
  7. Ok, well I didn't read the story because I can't read lol. But I'm pretty sure that didn't have much to do with Arenascape? Maybe someone could tell me if anybody reads it. :)
  8. If I did, could I play with your nub stick? :)
  9. i'm pretty sure I was level 100 during 2002...but y'know I can never know for sure lol was doing skill total too much.
  10. Do we need to dust you off? This is 2006. :? Title says EVER?
  11. Says on there Strong Sky protects 79-82 when it dealt an 86. This couldn't be because jmys has a *2 pray sec could it? That only effects which aura is cast correct?
  12. It doesn't run well because it doesn't even run at all lol. And it isn't the RAM thats the problem because the game has worked fine before with the same specs.
  13. Right then people. I have searched for my problem on the internet for serveral hours and tried several different methods which havent worked, so I decided to give the RS community a try (or there abouts :P). When about to play DAOC I load up my game and log into my account which then brings up the server screen. I choose my selected server and then I am greeted with the error "Renderer Creation Failed". Now, on the net and on DAOC's support website this states that this is a driver/DirectX/video card issue. All the things that I have been advised to do have failed to work and I am still stuck with a game that I cannot access. I have tried: - Updating my Video Card drivers from Intel (My card is made by intel) - Reinstalling DAOC - Deleting the user.dat file so that it will ensure the in-game resolution changes back to default - Updating to the very latest DirectX version (9.0c) - Increasing the size of my virtual memory All these have failed to work and I was wondering if there is anything else you guys can suggest. I am currently using Windows XP Pro with a 900mhz processor with 128MB RAM. Please post below if you have any information/ideas that you can bring forward.
  14. Would amazon.com deliver to UK? seing as how there is an amazon.co.uk yet it finds no NFL gear lol.
  15. Hey Guys/Gals Today I have been going through the internet trying to get myself some new gear. My type of clothing is pretty specific though and I do like to wear NFL jerseys etc. Well, today It's been roughly 2 and a half hours now while looking and although I have seen some pretty neat stuff, it seems that NO COMPANY(American Based) wants to deliver to the UK. Ebay is most probably my best bet here for buying American goods to be shipped to the UK but i'm pretty sick and tired of having to wait for my specific item to come up in a specific size for me to be able to bid on it, with the chance that I might not even win it. Do any of you know of any websites that will deliver NFL merchandise, Jerseys, Jackets or sweatshirts to the UK? (additional shipping costs isn't really a problem) Thanks for your help and thanks even more to anyone who finds one.
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