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    my clan, girls, and drums.. and my life.... music
  1. Clan name: The Royalty Clan website: s15.invisionfree.com/the_royalty Clan leaders: Gasfreak F2p clan cape: Blue P2p clan cape: blue Number of Members: 38ish and rising fast. Average hitpoint and combat level: 97+cb 80 hits Type of clan (skill or pk): Pk\Events Recent War Record(3): won or loss, date if avalible, and who was the war aggainst We have scheduled many wars and mini wars, but the clans have turned us down. I will not get into the clans before our hardships and since we have undertook new leadership because that information has been lost. As of now, we have a 90+ combat requirement. No war record. We pk a lot and do a lot of fun events. We are layed back and enjoy every minute we are in the clan. Great clan to be in.
  2. GOOD LUCK DS! DI is a great clan, as much as I hate them, but great all together. DI hates me because i told their leader he was a big foreheaded no life when he flammed KT a while back. DS is a GREAT clan and I hope you guys win. Although, i do have a friend or two in DI, i do not care for the clan as a whole. Good, but i don't care for them. GO DS!
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