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  1. this guy sounds like a typical rs player
  2. thanks for the update. by the looks of it, i would suggest Jake is going to continue with smithing and farming runs.
  3. suomi is 300k to 200m rc and his 20th skill at 200m
  4. suomi gained 60m rc exp and 3m farming xp curly gained 63m rc exp and very small amounts of exp in other skills I think suomi could be 200m rc now if he never gained farming experience.
  5. To be fair, suomi did farming runs at the beginning.
  6. Complains about early vivid memories Lists his own I was complaining that people specifically recall the day they created their account and where they went and what they did and who they were talking to. My memory could have been a year after I started playing, all I know is it`s one of the very few I can remember.
  7. I find it ridiculous how vivid peoples memories are 10 years ago when it comes to rs. Yes, I played rs and yes I have memories, but I sincerely can`t remember the day I created my first account or where I went after I got off tutorial island. My longest back memory was running back and forth from varrock to level 1 wild and there being a bunch of people and the excitement of attacking someone my level and running away.
  8. for the most part, it's not as efficient. he gains some farming xp, but I don't think he is in a rush to get 200m farming. he will be 200m farming experience by the time he reaches 200m experience in his other skills.
  9. what is the projected finish date for him to reach 200m in fm/wc?
  10. has suomi specified what he will be tackling next? should have 200m RC this week.
  11. Discussing efficiency is the reason this thread is [DEAD]. Every time I come on to check and see if maybe there is something the least bit interesting all I see is lots of inane math that I recall from Grade 6. I don't care if a method saves you 2 ticks or the difference between 75k xp and 76.2k xp and I sure as hell don't want to read the same garbage every damn day on c2 fishing etc. Go start up a efficiency thread and stay the hell out of 200m in all skills.
  12. someone failed math, lol I apologize for that, most likely a typo haha. If not I guess it's because I have finals coming up and didn't notice it because I have a lot on my plate right now. One of those finals is accelerated geometry, by the way. A class I currently have a 96 average in. TL;DR: fixed it Nice self reassurance. Yourself would be proud.
  13. Sorry a fountain didn't sprout from the ground unleashing millions of party hats, 4 skills were released, skills got raised to 120 and a statue of suomi wasn't created in the center of RS.
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