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  1. PS Gladz are the oldest PURE RS clan
  2. Can you post the vote break downs for each category? Congratz to winners
  3. The best clan in RS isnt the one that can get as many people as possible to the mage ladders to freeze people as they come up stairs. The clan with the most free time and used tissues on the floor....maybe.
  4. Lets not even talk about the APP discussion... Gladiatorz had applications close for 1 month, warred anarchy, and you declared on us the Sunday morning AFTER our sAturday war with Anarchy. You had gained 90 members in the month during our Anarchy War. If Applications were close, it would have been BK bring 170 to war and gladz bringing 140 to war. If you read this stickman, please post those numbers
  5. Before I address BK, Dear TIP IT STAFF don't delete my messages when I AM NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG! Thats ridiculous. What I said was that my quote is edited because it lacks the part where I told that r3f is a cheater and a war returner and it will be a sad day if she is not kicked from BK. That was agreed upon when I said I would give the quote Apostle, It was to be UNEDITED!
  6. You left the part out of my quote where I specifically called r3feree or whatever a cheated, and it was AGREED upon by leaders that my quote would be given UNCHANGED.
  7. I'm sorry THE, TMRD, Jags and Gladz. Good war and I hope BK, and all of tip it knows, that on any other day, Gladz could have won just as BKs did. It was that close. Thats all I have to say, NO GLADZ COMMENT OR MAKE SARCASTIC JOKES ABOUT ANYTHING. A lose is a lose, it sucks but it happens
  8. we got close to 150 against Anarchy...and many claim this to be our 'decline' so DS should realize that over the last year we drew some of the highest war turn outs in wars, comapred to all clans
  9. i predict that the Gladiatorz clan will have a minimum of 3 topless needlepoint contests followed by oodles of naked mashed potato flinging.
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