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  1. i remember trying to 'use on' my first weapon on a goblin, only after a few hours i realised i had to click weild then attack the goblin. I also thought that being skulled meant you were in the top 5 of RS players i was so happy when i got skulled, then not so happy when i had my Iron 2H, Iron plate and iron platelegs in my inventory in Lumbridige.
  2. Luck :cry: didn't have much with me yesterday but i'm 12m up on a 89 mage and 75 def w00t w00t and urza arn't obby rings "pwnz0rz" more that rune knives not in speed tho and seen people staking like that but with crystal sheild and obby rings
  3. thanks, and range is not 2 times faster than mage? more than faster but not that fast and the tip for getting stats on 0's is very useful and many stakers in world who mage are 92 mage or higher but there are quite a few who are 80+ which is why i hope to get 92 mage fast want more stakes :roll:
  4. row doesn't add any stats just increases the chance of a better drop from a npc no one ask me about why i wore the ROW i had just came from fire giants and didn't take it off i DON'T stake with rings on fullstop.
  5. i got a guthans spear on my very very first ever barrows trip and had no idea what it was worth i went crazy when i found out it was 5.7 lol :shock: (was nub back then) i get a barrows item in a average of 11 trips
  6. why is everyone still asking me why i where ROW in duels i dont wear a ROW i dont stake with rings on i was just wearing a ROW cause i came from fire giants if rings are on just use recoil ring no one ask me why i where a ROW again its annoying :roll:
  7. lol bad experiences? =[ all of us have them and 85 mage on ancients start the duel of with shadow blitz and then blood blitz or keep shadow blitzing until ur opponent hits u once
  8. lol nice list i'll get some pictures of my items price too soon and post in and u didn't ask me to help you out so can't blame me :P
  9. nahdrav dont make me kill u irl :shock: and when mage v mage dueling dont stop casting (i am only talking about manual casting) until your opponent falls down and the duel has ended i've lost many duels from people with 1 hp left and giving the final blow its really annoying and well i must not swear :roll:
  10. the only usefull new items are Mages book: +15 mage attack and defence (i am in possesion of) Master wand : +20 mage attack and defence Amulet of Fury: +10 to all attack bonuses +5 prayer + 15 to all defence infinity boots and gloves: +5 mage attack and defence bonus each seers ring: +4 mage bonus? rarely used due to people never using rings on and about ROW read my previous post and erm how much do i make a day well theres the bad days and the good days the bad days i win about -10m/+5m good days: 10m/20m+ recently i've been scammed so been 5m/10m+ on good days
  11. thnx for the comments and cyco i've gone into more detail with the stat reqs but not the rules because i spilt my pot noodle on my keyboard and am angry :evil: and yes ring of recoil is better to use but i didn't plan on using rings and i forgot to un equip the ROW in mage duels hardly anyone does rings on
  12. :::...GUIDE TO STAKING WITH MAGIC...::: 1.0 Introduction ----1.0.1 Indroduction 1.1 Basics ----1.1.1 Duel Arena ----1.1.2 What Is Staking? ----1.1.3 How To Stake ----1.1.4 Advantages And Disadvantages 1.2 Preparing To Stake ----1.2.1 What Items Are Needed ----1.2.2 Stat Requirements ----1.2.3 Quest Requirements 1.3 Rules To Staking ----1.3.1 Polite Manners ----1.3.2 Scammers 1.4 Getting A Challenger ----1.4.1 What Type Of Person You Are Looking For ----1.4.2 Level Range ----1.4.3 Highscores ----1.4.4 Amount Of Stake 1.5 Setting The Staking Rules ----1.5.1 Staking Options To Choose From ----1.5.2 Rules Reccomended And NOT Reccomended ----1.5.3 Setting The Rules To YOUR Advantage 1.6 During The Stake ----1.6.1 Attacking your opponent at the Right Time ----1.6.2 Spells To Use ----1.6.3 Winning Or Losing 1.7 Credits 1.0 Introduction ----1.0.1 Indroduction Welcome too my guide for "Staking with Magic". In this guide i shall tell you how to stake successfully using Magic and become rich at the same time as having fun. This is my first guide on RSC and hope that it will be successful and help all your begginer stakers. keep in mind this guide is not for those that do not wish to lose their money and get bankrupt, even though staking is a great money maker it can also lose your money in seconds. 1.1 Basics ----1.1.1 Duel Arena The duel arena is a MEMBERS ONLY mini game located in the eastern part of alkarid just south of the mage training arena. In most worlds a Majority of people use duel arena for fun fights and expierence but in staking worlds such as world 2 it is cramped full of people willing to stake in duels for profit. Red shade= Advanced stakers (stake high 500k-10m+ and more dangerous) Blue shade= Moderate/Begginer stakers (can be dangerous but not much and stake 100k-1m) Normal Map view of duel arena ----1.1.2 What Is Staking? So what is staking? Staking is when one player Bets an item/s or gp against another player and who wins the duel will get the spoils/rewards. This is a big risk as some players lose everything because of lack of stats or even lag. But those who stake right can gain a lot of money fast and easily. ----1.1.3 How To Stake To stake you need to choose what type of combat you are going to use to win, either Melee, Range or Magic. some people prefer to stake with Melee as it is the least costing type of combat because it does not need to be funded like range and magic, this type of combat can deal damage fast and hard. Those that have the higher lvl range prefer to stake with range this can be costly due to the fact that you need to buy arrows over and over again because they break often after use. Even though it can still be very profitable, This type of Combat Deals Damage Very Quickly and Semi-Hard. Now Magic This is what this guide is going to help you with, Magic is very powerful and with a magic lvl of 80 you can deal a damage maximum of 30. Magic is the most Costly combat skill to train because of the price of runes that are not Re-Usable after one use, but this skill is very useful as it can Hit Very fast and VERY hard. (with the release of the quest of "Desert Treasure" those that have the requirements to do this quest can unlock the power of "Ancient Magicks" a powerful set of spells that can Blind Your opponent, Poison them, Drain there blood by 25% of whatever damage you inflict and freeze them for 5,10,15,20 seconds.) ----1.1.4 Advantages And Disadvantages ADVANTAGES: Staking, the advantages of staking are the Massive ammount of money you can make from it at the same time as having fun and meeting new friends. You can train your stats whilst making money and you get to learn about the way the combat system works, the weaknesses of types of people and the advantages of them. DISADVANTAGES: staking is a very risky way of making money it can make you millions in a single fight and it can also make you lose everything in a single fight (reccomended you dont stake what you will have a lot of trouble getting back if lost) also even though you are gaining exp while staking it will come very slowly because you wont get a challenger right after the first one it will take time to get a challenger who is willing to stake. 1.2 Preparing To Stake ----1.2.1 What Items Are Needed To stake with magic you need runes ofcourse. depending on what spell you are using you will need elemental runes and and spell runes (minds, chaos, deaths, bloods) you will need robes mystic + ahrims reccomended (needs 70 def + 70 mage) depending on if armour is on or off in the duel. You will need gp or items to stake to gain more money and items, you'll need a amulet of magic or glory or fury if ammulet is on and you need to weild the best staff with the best mage bonus you can find/weild. a computer that doesn't lag like hell and confidence with in you and a goal to stop you from staking more than u want to lose. ----1.2.2 Stat Requirements i reccomend having a magic level of 80+ so that you can use charge and zammarok flames (useful because it lowers your opponents magic level by 5, good in mage v mage duels.) Too hit 30's also if you can use Ancient Magicks you can use blood blitz at lvl 80 which can hit a maximum of 26 and can heal a maximum of 6hp (25% of 26 rounded down) you will need a good hit points level so you can last longer in a duel round 70+ is reccomended and a good defence level so that your magic defence level is higher and your melee and range defence also the higher your defence level is the better class of armour you can use 50+ defence is reccomended. Prayer is not commonly used in stakes but if it is being used be sure to have 43+ prayer too use all protection prayers. Having a high defence is a advantage because Magic level + Defence level = Magic Defence most pures with lets say have 85 mage and 1 def lose to people easily with 80 mage and 60+ def because they splash too much so when you stake a pure remember you have a good chance because of there defence. When ancienting you need too know wat spell is useful for what from my experiences shadow types are the most accurate then shadow then ice then blood, even though blood is least accurate it is the most used because of its speical effect so it is very useful to be able to use all blitz spells i can use smoke barrage which is very helpful in starting of duels as it is the most accurate spell in game also when mage v mage duels do not feel intimidated by people with a few mage levels higher than you a lvl 80 mage v a lvl 84 mage is mostly based on luck the 80 can win easily so can the 84 most the 84 still has the advantage. if you are a pure and you have a high mage level from alcing it is NOT good to stake with because i have seen pures with 80 mage and 55 hp getting two hit by people it is useful to train range for hp or not alcing for exp go barrows if you have the prayer lvl go cw if you have the money just try to alc as least as possible. If you plan on staking a lot and not pk'ing there is no point of getting your prayer level up because you wont be using prayer in mage duels if you do well thats a bit stupid :roll:. What a good staking levels i advise to START of staking i would say are: 70/60def 80/+ Magic 75/+ Hit Points 99 Confidence THIS IS WHAT MY STATS LOOK LIKE: THIS IS WHAT ONE CAN WEAR WHEN USING ANCIENTS: THIS IS WHAT ONE CAN WEAR WHEN USING MODERN THIS IS WHAT ONE CAN HAVE IN HIS/HER INVENTORY WHILE STAKING: ----1.2.3 Quest Requirements Desert Treasure is a very useful quest and unlocks the Ancient Magicks which is great for staking with because of its speical abilities that each spell has. These types of spells use lots of runes per spell but can be very useful and profitable. The popular type of spell called "Blood Rush/Burst/Blitz/Barrage" are commonly used in mage duels because they heal you from 25% of the damage you inflict, so if you deal damage of 20 you heal your self 5 hp even in no food duels. Mage Arena is not officially a quest but is a Mini Game it Requires 60 mage to do but to make it more useful having 80+ mage is a advantage as once you can use the "God spells" "Flames Of Zamarok" (reduces opponents magic when succesfully cast, useful in mage v mage duels) "Saradomin Strike" (reduces opponents prayer continously, useful in pk'ing.) and " Claws Of Guthix" (reduces opponents defence when succesfully cast, also useful in mage v mage duels.) 1.3 Rules To Staking ----1.3.1 Polite Manners Manners cost you nothing being polite in rs for example saying "thank-you" and "your welcome" and "please" can really make some people's day, when staking being nice to your opponent will make them feel confident and willing to stake and will be polite back to you. So stop with the "get lost you noob" and "*Beep* off!" it will only hurt people and discourage them from staking you and you can end up getting reported for abusive launguage. ----1.3.2 Scammers Watch out for sneaky scammers that will attempt to scam you while staking, They can change the rules when your not paying attention just before you accept the stake. It is wise to take a good look at the second final rules screen and check if your opponent has changed the rules like Magic Off. If your opponent tries this simpily walk away or report them. Do NOT stake people with stats very low and are more than willing to stake you, chances are that they are going to scam you by changing the rules. 1.4 Getting A Challenger ----1.4.1 What Type Of Person You Are Looking For So your going to stake, you dont want to end up staking someone who's combat level is 50 levels higher than yours? surely not! carefully select the type of person you are going to stake compare your combat level and compare the equipment you are both weilding (unless he is hiding something "bigger") if your staking melee's while your maging u dont want specials on 4 dds specs and your byebye if your staking range you dont want them to wear dragon hide which has good magic defence. So choose your opponents wisely. ----1.4.2 Level Range I mentioned this in the last section but i'll go over it again DO NOT stake someone with a combat level 30 lvls difference from yours unless you are certain you will win because you have something "big" waiting you dont want your 70hp v a 90hp do you? too prevent this from happening you can use the ever so usefull highscores too check on your opponents stats which i will explain in the next section. ----1.4.3 Highscores Your let's say round 80 magic and confident of using magic in stakes but what if someones magic is higher than yours? how do you know? thats why the highscores is useful check your opponents stats always before you stake them u dont want your blood blitz v blood barrage do you? and no checking highscores is not being a noob if anyone calls you a noob for doing so they most likely do it them selves too just dont want to say it too make them self look big, truth is your the one who is wise by checking them up in highscores. ----1.4.4 Amount Of Stake Don't go staking all your money and hope your going to win, who know's you might even get lucky and win but then again you might lose it ALL so don't be foolish and stake very very high only stake high if you know you can easily make it back or have A LOT of money if you have say 1m you dont want to stake more than 500k and set a limit if you had 5m put 4m in your bank and keep 1m on you that 4m is NOT going to be for your staking use use the 1m for staking and keep banking your money to get back to 1m in your inventory it will help you from getting addicted to staking more and more when you lose if u lose all your cash in inventory do NOT get more money from your bank just think you've lost all your money and go away from duel arena to stop your self from losing more money you NEED TO KNOW WHEN TO STOP! If you stake someone with higher combat than you and hp or def ask them to double you (your 1m for his 2m) because of the level difference but dont do this unless you stand a chance with your magic. 1.5 Setting The Staking Rules ----1.5.1 Staking Options To Choose From 1st options screen: 2nd options screen: No Range: Means No range attacks can be used No Melee: Means No Melee Type attacks can be used No Magic: Means No magic based spells can be used No Sp.Atk: Means No weapon Speical Attacks can be used Fun Weapons: Means only Fun weapons such as the rubber chicken can be used No Forfeit: Means no one can forfeit the fight No Drinks: Means no drinks can be used No Food: Means no one can eat food No Prayer: Means no one can pray No Movement: Means no one can move and snare and ice spells will not work Obstacles: Means Obstacles will be in the arena The equipment section has boxes for each part of the equipable body if u cross that part of the body you will not be able to weild anything in that part of the body for example if you put a cross on your hand with the weapon sign you can not weild any weapons. keep a good look at these options so you wont get scammed. The second screen shows what you are staking and the final rules double check this screen to make sure your are NOT getting scammed by a quick rule change when ready you can accept the rules and the duel will begin. ----1.5.2 Rules Reccomended And NOT Reccomended Because you are maging you will need some rules on and off you will definetly want food off and drinks and prayer of you also might want to have special attacks of if you want to last long in the duel forfeit will have to be on if melee option is of always turn of 1 part of the body like the helm to stop melee's from using full sets of barrows like guthans to heal if the person you are fighting has a range lvl of 60+ to weild good d hide armour with good magic defence you would want body legs and gloves of to stop them from using d hide if you want to stop people from using rings of recoil turn the ring options off. The aim here is to set the rules mostly in your favour so that your chances of winning will increase. ----1.5.3 Setting The Rules To YOUR Advantage This means have weapons on and other parts on too boost your magic attack bonus and also try to have obstacles on if facing melee's to freeze them and mage from a safe distance have speicals of in duels is useful in your favour because you cant use speical attack since you are maging and there fore you opponent has the advantage so turn special attack of to put that in your advantage if you are mage v mage dueling it is wise to have speical attack on and melee and range off to use exaclibur speical attack that will raise your defence. 1.6 During The Stake ----1.6.1 Attacking your opponent at the Right Time When the stake starts it will count down as this... 3...2...1...FIGHT! when you shout out FIGHT! you will be able to attack your opponent but to make this your advantage set your spell manually ready to strike your opponent first, when the count is on 1 click on your opponent with the spell and you will cast it as soon as it says FIGHT! remember blood spells wont be able to heal if you use it as your first spell because you wont of lost any hp so it is wise to use a smoke or shadow spell first unless you are on modern set you god spell manually and cast and quick as you can. Do not wait for the animation to show up just keep casting dont stop casting until your opponent is dead fallen down not just red barred because chances are he has 1 hp and still has a chance to kill you. ----1.6.2 Spells To Use If your using Ancients you should use blood spells too aid you hp and hit high at the same time, if fighting on modern magic use Flames of Zamarok on charge but use the charge spell first before the duel beggins i've people have lost without a fighting chance due to the fact they were 80 mage and forgot to use charge and it was too late when there opponent reduced there mage to 75/80 when using F.O.Z cast as fast as you can and it is not good to stake with a computer that lags too much. ----1.6.3 Winning Or Losing doesn't matter if you lose the duel learn from your mistakes and see what you did wrong and correct your self in the next duel remember 50% of mage v mage is luck 25% skills 25% stats, and if u won congratz you can stake succesfully follow your winnings and win more and more learn when to stop and remember stake only if you think can win and GOODLUCK!!! have confidence in your self and be cool :hi: :XD: :ph34r: 1.7 Credits I'D LIKE TO THANK THE FOLLOWING FOR HELPING ME IN THIS GUIDE: MagerknightX (me for writing the guide and spilling my pot noodle on keyboard) K3nny12 for being such a great mate on rs and never letting me down and for encouraging me to "own" best bud for life and thanks for being neeb 4 life too kenny =] Nahdrav for a few tips and being a weird mate =] :whistle: NERD 4 LIFE
  13. Nice guide mate :lol: could list the runes you got but overall nice guide and owning at barrows hey =] thanks for the lil sentence at the end :twisted: could do with a few screenies but we all love looking at logs well i do anyway :oops:
  14. oh the good old days :P i remember when i used the newcomers map for ever and always telling my mates yea im making money from the lvl 2 men at the pub north of varrock lol i made my first 100gp from there i was so happy i'd be like omg it dropped 10gp instead of 3!!! and my friend was being silly on my account and dropped all my gp which was round 300-500gp round then and he logged out i came about a min or two later almost about to cry and i looked on floor no one took my gp =] and when i found 5k minds on the floor from someones drop party and sold for 100k =] i thought i was the riched person on rs then i got scammed for the free armour trimming and lost my addy :roll:
  15. lol yea happened to me i was staking a mage the fight just started we staked 5m just sed goodluck and it crashed i loged back in 30 mins later and i had +5m i won for free :lol:
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