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  1. hmm rs vs wow? or rs vs the star wars galaxies? who would be pc and who would be mac? hmmm thats a good idea though
  2. the broom again was a dissapointment.. I just wish it was made floating somewhat
  3. where is this? and what kind of fruit?
  4. been off the forum for a month :( but i am glad to see its done!!!! Yes the voices were off.. one because a net connection is never the best to record off of. two because its using cheap mics and non recording studio. I have to say its better then i coulda put together :) gratz
  5. you mean this one: Linksie here or we just need to feed him a pinguinzel? yeah good job finding that man :) seems its a better option if you don't have 92 firemaking to get the ring and gloves as you can to give more exp (faster lvling) cause its taking like 40-50k gp worth of maples off to use a Summoned Fire monster + ring and then once i hit 79 I do again to get the gloves. (btw using the summons monster takes like 100k gp off, it might be slower but if you already have the pouches there is no extra cost)
  6. so if your silly enough to use magics on them all.. and pre-stock each one, its quite easy.. but you need 92 firemaking to get that one (or 89 with pyrelord (can someone test to see if that works)) you don't NEED to get the bear on your side but what about a "fake man" from a quest? can you make another and give or whats been tested?
  7. good find and probabbly the right place for the next quest
  8. my problem. I use IE because i can (for the most part) get rid of all menus and such.. and just play. I use a bit of script to resize the window and move it to where i want it.... I never figured out how to open a new firefox window without menu's. So therefore i can't use this if it only good in the game.... but it looks good and i wish i could use it :)
  9. Its a water rune.. Fire and water are in the forground and background with air in between
  10. [/combat level showoff] Just kidding. Yes, 'tis spam. excuse me? spam?
  11. I noticed that if you level up and view the screen that shows advancements in the flexable screen, that it will show the advacements but have black around [hide=][/hide]
  12. maybe... maybe the runescape gods are like the Bajoran (Startrek DS9) Prophets? and they are not linier and can move though time with ease?
  13. sounds fishy to me.. the god letters have guthix controlling all and even in game guthix is the most feared/powerfull
  14. the barrel that hits the tent in the one quest.. .or the rocks when you fix the trebuche
  15. I really noticed a difference when i hit 96, it went from la la la la every 15-20 minutes for 28 to about 28 every 12-16 minutes (this is how it felt no measuring went into this) BTW I was fishing from 92-96 via admiral pies and using barb fishing method (which is slower by a bit)
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