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  1. A rough estimate is 30mil plus ppots. If you have a good strategy and items.
  2. Ok, so after achieving my goal of full void and 90+ range I will be continuing ranging to 99 via slayer. My questions are as follows, Should I use full void on tasks or the following ranged setup. ( Arma helm, amulet of ranging, archery ring, rune c bow, broads, blessed hides, bracers, ranger boots and accumulator) Is it also advisable to 'tank' some slayer tasks using range? Thanks a million :)
  3. Thankyou :) I'm having major issues getting a 3 x 3 square but i have managed to get 2+ each side of me( 2 x N, E, S, W)
  4. Anybody know? I feel like I might be wasting alot of exp...
  5. Quick question, when the monkers are on top of each other on the same square, will the chins still hit all on the same square, thanks :)
  6. I'll be using the cash from a mix of downgrading items and aviansies to fun 99 via chinning.
  7. I break even nearly everytime I use prayer against them. I bring a bunyip and some high def armour and every now and then I turn prayer off until I'm at half hp. Then turn prayer on and let bunyip heal me.
  8. I'm using D plate at the moment but I am considering downgrading to D chain, would this be a good idea? The profits from the downgrade will go towards 99 range. (which will be partly funded using your fantastic aviansie guide slay.. ;))
  9. Black Demons have always been one of my favourite tasks. The reasons behind this are as follows, Each task of 160+ demons I always get 70+ crimson charms. 100k+ in my chosen combat skill A nice hefty chunk of slayer exp (25-30kexp)
  10. The bonus doesn't seem to justify that amount of time spent.
  11. Ok, so I have recently completed the arduous task of gaining a full Void range set. This took me ~7 hours with a mix of a good team and W144 when the team was empty. I was wondering if gaining a fighter torso would take more or less time than gaining void range, thanks in advance.
  12. Yeah, drop dragon boots for snakeskin ones.
  13. With a good clan about 8 hours, with an average clan about 10 hours. I hope this helps.
  14. How much exp p/h can i roughly expect from cutting and stringing magic longs? Cheers :)
  15. I have 2/3 weeks to get all the supplies.
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