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  1. cant believe hardly anyone mentions I wicked I easily one of the best pkers - FACT. at his peak when he cared about the game, he was the single best pker. he quit for about a year or more, and would occasionaly log in to pk half heartedly, he'd end up getting teamed by loads of glory hunting no namers, who got a bit too excited when they saw the name "I Wicked I" :lol: and all of a sudden was rendered "[cabbage]", and there was a huge backlash against him, the funny thing is he'd log in with 3 or 4 sharks, fight whoever he could see and then die, but really he couldnt give a [bleep].
  2. must have been when I was a wee young lvl 80 8-) 8-)
  3. yes I know, he was a friend of mine. yes its a mage kill. you were accusing the both of us though. good times.
  4. It continues to amaze me that RSD believe they won that war, but saying that, it tends to be those who were of no consequence that try to suggest it. are you calling me an irrelevant rambling lunatic? very harsh/disrespectful, ill let you off though are you refering to mumofrunes? :lol:, what a terrible argument. One member leaving out of about 100+ 85hp+ members is hardly earth shattering. contradictory biased sensationlistic bilge you might have had more character etc etc, I suppose in that sense you could compare this war to 300 which is almost as bad as your argument btw RSD outnumbered everyone and we won that war based soley on that fact, simple logic my dear sandgrinding brother from another mother. yes its awful, spartaaaaa my arse I coudn't really give a [cabbage] about rsd, I was only a member for like 2 or 3 months or so, you're an evertonian your bitterness is natural and definitely understandable :lol: :lol: :lol: I suggest you calm down with a fruit cake and a nice cold bottle of ribena. Robbie Fowler > Everton FC, literally
  5. what a mad neet it was. deadskinmask accusing me of auto catching, bellend. swifty blowing his load over a rune large kill one of the funniest kills ever, I was walking in the wilderness, suddenly a huge wave of lag washed over your dear storyteller, followed by a huge wave of rage, followed by 30 seconds of apocalyptic clicking, when the lag eventually subsided, it appeared I accidentally 3 hit this boosh. when I started losing the plot amidst a cloud of alcoholism, depression, heroin addiction, etc. etc. trying to sell the old master fook Dj Elimany Tounkara \ more tounkara the king a few pics from one of the greatest wars of all time in my opinion leek! even though rsd won it by a landslide 8-)
  6. how are you doing my egyptian prince? I'm not egyptian, I'm Palestinian \ my bad, hamas 4 leeef :)
  7. how are you doing my egyptian prince?
  8. when is the best time to venture off into the wild? been away so long, is it even worth it? ive got a nice plate pure I might bring out of retirement. 8-)
  9. killed so many people in this thread :ohnoes: what a game this used to be.
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