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  1. Noice, but get 99 strength you stud muffin.
  2. Really small difference between them. Muhahaha (can't be bothered to check how many ha's) was first for 110 tho :P He was also the first person to have 95 hits and be banned. Oh the ironey. :thumbsup:
  3. My main was the 29th to sign up.
  4. But you overly denied it. You would argue with people non-stop just to try and show that you were legit.
  5. I mean it's only what, 200k a set anyway? You'd think these guys who auto to 120+ must be absolutely loaded, yet they'll do anything to survive. It's disgusting really.
  6. I dunno, after RS2 was released I still trained a fair bit. Training for me was a fun part of the game. I enjoyed leveling up, though I'll admit getting 99 strength was a big waste of time. I think if I had leveled out to like 95 95 95 95 I would've been a happier man. But back on topic, I had you added on my friends list ages ago and you were like level 50 and your char was terrible. Now you seem awefully high, so if you autoed... well done I guess? But if you trained legit, good on you and nice stats.
  7. Dan, I've read two topics on this forum so far, and everyone is calling you (not Llama0) pathetic. Don't you think it's time you changed your pking style a little? I mean you clearly said before "if you aren't rich enough don't pk" which indicates that you are a wealthy player correct? So why not risk losing some of your precious pixels and fight to the death. Trust me man, pking will become a lot more exciting for you if there's a risk you can actually die. I didn't care if I lived or died, as long as it was a great fight, I was happy.
  8. I was just about to come in and offer my congratulations but... :( I remember your 100 combat topic from ages ago, dunno why but I always liked your char.
  9. Binder you were an alright a few years back. DanDun who? Man I thought the wild was terrible almost a year and a half ago, but now it just sounds shocking. There are now autoed teams of 120s running around? :thumbsup: Sounds fun. Man to be honest, I never won fights vs autoers. Id strip down when they were low hp and I'd always lose the fight. The wild actually just hated me. I remember I'd get autoers down to like 5hp and I'd shoot 7 0s in a row on them. I was actually just a pathetic pker, but I never walled/logged unless those people had done it to me prior. On F2p one time I was in Full rune/plate/kite/Baxe/Diamond ammy (93HP) and 89blind89 came along and hit 31 31 dead (31) on me . Luck was one thing I never had when it came to pking... but then again I had like no skill either. :
  10. Nice stats, I woulda got 99 strength before quitting, but hey that's just me 8-). Quitting's much better, you can now troll the boards with the rest of us retired thugz.
  11. I played it for like 4 hours and I remember gaining like 10k an hour at ice giants. :oops:
  12. You've never even played classic yet you're 124 on rs2? JESUS!
  13. :mrgreen: I had a level 7 mage or something called lock n load. I always thought that was pretty neat.
  14. Correct me if i'm wrong, but shouldn't it be "too mature"?
  15. Rainbow dolph was an aussie wasn't he? I remember him training quite a bit at hobs. Was he pure f2p as well?
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