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  1. Are you still trading items on your fake version of rsc for rs2 items that you get by logging onto people's chars and killing them in bounty hunter? projectp2p.com eh? Not gonna be up for too long :lol: and yea, you aint the real airman100, pathetic noobs these days lmfao
  2. I still think he cheated He botted even after he was wiped, lmao
  3. u sure do log a lot to save ur rune for not caring about rune at all Since you're knew i think it is my duty to inform you that your skewed lie filled opinion is of insignificant importance.
  4. It's ok you're new And you are the laughingstock of the RuneScape Classic wilderness I'm better than anyone playing right now, and if you think that you and the other random autoers know anything about what a good pker is than you're sadly mistaken :lol:
  5. i love how they finally put the nail in the coffin of an already stupid game
  6. I have my own ideas about who should and should not be on the list. It's not the same as your list probably but I just bite my tongue sometimes when I see certain names. :wall: Especially when it is some late-starting prayer beast. *shudders* llama's just jealous that "k y jelly" his noob , sucked [wagon] :P p.s. i also think master razor deserves a spot up there, I know you're kidding, but that was not the name of my noob lol
  7. The fact that kryptix, justin, earl, kingpin, and max333 are on there is ridiculous :roll:, and i dont care if i'm on there or not, but they shouldnt be.
  8. Rob was better than zorro? You owe me the drink I just spit out through my nose :roll:.
  9. If u readed the official runscape site (or just used you brains), uve readed that u NEVER enter your username+pass at a other site then http://www.runescape.com. Also the scam involving a "new runescape 3 beta test" is a common scam used for many years now, if jagex wants us to betatest it, they use the message center or put it at the runescape.com mainpage. Let him change his password and keep fingers crossed for a unban :) EDIT: Oh, and btw... is belongs into the question forum not the runescape Classic (wich is version 1, not 3) Learn to speak and write proper English before you tell someone to use his or her brain :roll:.
  10. Thijsme1 was a random high level noob that everybody beat up lol, Phoenix you were the man tho ;P
  11. Lmao Yea that's what chicks must say when they see you in real.
  12. STFU-GTFO Why do you even say gtfo, that pretty much tells me you belong in the san fran pride parades.
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