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  1. Arkan was a good pker. Two of my most memorable fights were with him. I believe he was the only pker that got me more then I got them. 2-1 maybe?
  2. true dsm... you also didnt train all those stats up to be ready to log! you tell them big boy, nobody messes with dsm! p Lol sup Kyle.
  3. How do you cheat at rs classic again?
  4. The good stuff from eugene... lag cutter? How is that autoing it was me actually clicking when pking. And it lasted less then 3 days. You rs gangsta you. Oh and I'm assuming your some lvl 120 autoed up varock pker. Take a pic of your client you use next time we fight and ask yourself why you won't get a fair fight out of me.
  5. Thats crazy. Although he was a lefty for me and I was 2squares behind. That explains a lot. I couldnt understand why I thought I had catch on some people but then they were doing a basic straight south or diag and I missed.... i thought it was me. So north, east, and south east. Hm your also from the uk.. so when u are on nobody is out. I work the night shift at my job and I'm on the whole time. Hardly see anybody. Tons of people during the day though at rocks..
  6. Was good timing. Had fun killing the 111 haha.
  7. Same I was 108 for over 6 months. We probably have the best way of playing runescape. Play for 2 months - quit for 2 months. :) btw I remember starting this thread and pretending to be bigkingsfan. I was trying to get a hold of wsgp or biocidel on tip.it to see which one took killer through private messages bc I knew they were all friends. Instead i get banned lol. Thanks for telling me though.
  8. Yes and no. My original dell and my new one both naturally did it. I remember Eugene telling me he invented a "speed set" that made everything on your computer run extremely fast. I tried it out... however you would freeze every 1min and 32 seconds exactly... atleast I did. I remember it even made the time on your computer go faster. I always pked naturaly on Sun java though. Not all computers did the one step motion on sun java like mine did. I remember trying out a few other computers and some would do it but most wouldn't. I don't understand the technical side of it in regards to why certain computers with sun worked and why others didn't. But thats why I could catch south east diags all the time. I remember getting a dell for xmas that didn't do it... so I discarded it and continued to use my old one. I would say 90% of the time on sun java when I logged on it I would be in 1 jump square format. However sometimes logging on it wouldn't be... you would then have to log in and out again to get it in stop and go motion. It was real hard when their was lag on the server. That was one of my best keep secrets of the 2002/2003 pking year. I remember me thinking I had a bugged computer until I found over a dozen other people that could do it. Wasn't much of a bug haha.
  9. I have my own ideas about who should and should not be on the list. It's not the same as your list probably but I just bite my tongue sometimes when I see certain names. :wall: Especially when it is some late-starting prayer beast. *shudders* llama's just jealous that "k y jelly" his noob , sucked [wagon] :P p.s. i also think master razor deserves a spot up there, I agree along with xxzibit and Hobo aka alphakiller - if we are talking about pre wilderness player killing days. Those ausies haha.
  10. i remember that picture :-P Killermandie was by far the worse name ever. My original was kory2004(the year i graduated in) but I needed something more lame... more girly - so I chose killermandie. It was suppose to be read Killer-man-die but oh well lol. I guess I wouldn't change it for the world now haha. Hey mandie!!! OMG it's mandie run!!! lol
  11. Wow - Wolf... memories. I think he has been at 60 hp for the last 5 year lol.
  12. Edit: i'll add more as I think of more people. I started thinking about runescape the other day after getting it out of my head over the last 2 years and wanted to bs a little:) Tim - Mrman? Adx1 - 1-0 me - Got him once. He has my respect though. I remember me being pretty stoked about it because we had a huge flame war the day before on these boards. I remember being attacked on less then 2 swordfish at rocks by him... I then went to edgevill stocked back up and killed him with some nice diags. I don't believe he had much food left. But I was on point I was determined to kill him after about 8 catches. I forgot who but someone sometime later sent me a message that he wanted a truce and we became somewhat friends afterwards. I had the most respect for the kid when he was a lower lvl 100 pking during the wars going against people much higher. Sue Me - 0 - 0 We were acquaintances never attacked each other Deadskinmask 5-1 me. I say he killed me once even though I do not recall So I'll give him the benefit if he did. After he bsed me with Kdog and swifty it was some of the best kills I ever had against all of them. I remember it being me and 311 deaths having fun with them. Their mistake for bsing me haha. I believe I killed all of them(excluding swifty) atleast 5 times each. Me dustin and Kenny were pretty good friends when they bsed me... I think they must of been bored... No hard feelings. haha. I was actually the person to get Kenny to come pking - before this he was all about skill total. Good memories of Kdog and thugpimp:) Swifty Mcvay - 0 -0 - Was Impossible to kill with his logging. Would have loved to though. Robin Hood - 0-1 Him. He killed me on Robinhood2 at cabbage patch when I was in play killer mode a long time ago before the wilderness. He would stand on one side of the fence and just shoot... He shared that char with 3 other people... I remember him bragging about it after Sep 11, 2001 in the Varock Dungeon. (I remember it was a few days afterwards). A few weeks later he was banned and started Robin Hood. Alq - 0-0 I don't recall if he ever killed me or vice versa. We ended up being friends after Pokey introduced us. Bs Arkan: 1-2 Him... We use to be be acquaintances when he was a pure. He would clear graveyard for me and I for him. I think he is the only pker that actually has killed me more times then I've killed him. Much Respect to him. Although it should be 2-1 - I won't go into details but I'll never forget the time he was 10hp and I was on 60 and he hit me down. I caught myself dead on him. I nearly quit lol. Although It might be 1-1... I believe I have a very old memory of him killing me - Again I'll give him the benefit. I Wicked I - 0-0 He was always on p2p... I was always a f2p. Ran into him once... not very good on diags. But during that era of the wilderness nobody really was. POKEY 0-1 Good ole Chad. We were real enemies back in the day but about 3 months before he got banned he started working up range to like 90 I believe. I would catch and he would shoot:) Good memories. We owned the rune rocks for a while. He let me go on his char once too haha. Edit: He did kill me back in 2003 lol. I did a google search on killermandie and he posted a pic of me dead haha. Gogeta Ssj5 - 6-2 me atleast. I really hated this guy. We were friends for a while then he bsed me... he wanted to be friends again and did it again. I had nothing but utter contempt for that kid haha. I always loved killing him. I really hated him after he started autoing and logging none stop. I think most people did haha. Earlcar & Justincar: - They were bro's weren't they? Or cousins. Pokey introduced me to them and we became friends. I don't remember them ever impressing me pking wise - but when you have as many enemies as I did it was nice to have them on your side haha. Max333- 10-0 me atleast. Back in the zarfamily2 vs Max333 days he was pretty descent(nothing compared to my era of pking but for back then he was good) But something happened when he came back and he was a complete joke logging out all the time... man he hated my guts. Tyler11: I hope your seriously joking. Ok well that was nice going down memory lane. Killermandie has been hacked I havent been on him in over a year/half- I now have 99 hp on Rs2. I would do anything to get my char back...not to really play him but to just go on from time to time. But I can't. I have no idea how it happend or who has it. I believe someone who I considered a friend on aim a year ago or two sent me a link which phished my password. Thats my only conclusion. Although I know I deserve to be on that list I really don't care. I can also understand why - I was very cocky and killed most the people on the list:). Such great memories. Other pkers who deserve to be on(I'll forget many) Unitpoop - We had are era of malaysia killings haha. We were deadly when we pked together. It was like we could read each others thoughts. I would miss a catch he would get it. He would miss a catch I would it get. I respected him as well because of the fact that me and him would average 10 kills a day together in our prime(or the wilderness prime)but he would never post them. We just loved to play the game not bring attention to ourselves.(partly because we both new that if we stayed under the radar people would stay and fight us.) Lordvid - awesome british pker. He was a deadly little bugger:) I loved this kid because he was like me. We were just beasts with lower Hp then everyone else killing everyone. We both reached are goals in training stats mine was attack 98 def 91 strenght 97 and his was much lower - but we both quit the game of leveling and pked whenever we were on. Gogomus (However he spelled his name) Was another awesome British pker. Eat Adam - Even though he had a internet relationship with Michael Jackson(pepsi lol) he was a great pker. Wsgb introduced us. llama0 - wasn't that good when he was a lower level. But after reaching 99hp he came around. Impressed me. 311deaths - I have no idea why we became friends... he was a pure castle pker. But he was just a cool kid... someone I would actually hang out with in RL. I had over a 100 kills bringing that kid to the rune rocks using him as bait haha. He was level 76 and would fight against the big boys then I would jump in... and finish them off... while our opponent would try running from me trying to catch 311 thus sticking around long enough to be killed by me. He was an awesome catcher as well. He has the 1sq jump on his computer with Sun Java like me and unit did. I'm forgetting about 15 other people... I do apologize I have a hard time remembering cities in runescape and internet gaming terms(I.E-BSING LOL) let alone actual people I played with over the 5 years furing my off and on playing. I do miss the game though. It kept me out of allot of trouble. I think I'm the only high level pker that was around for all the eras of pking. Instead of playing hardcore for a year then quiting - I would play hardcore for a few months then quit for another few months. This kept me from quiting all together. With that all said. Thank you all for the memories. I look back on my days of runescape with a smile:). I have never been a "gamer" and have no idea why I started playing this game. Other then being a bored freshman in 2001 in my personal finance haha. I always thought it was ironic that the greatest part of runescape was a bug itself. Catching was what kept me going. Their was nothing better then catching someone from full food and taking their armor from them. The only part of the game that required some skill and TONS of practice. RIP Killermandie - March 2001 - January 2006? -Killer-man-die - lol I was a freshman give me a break.
  13. a s h l e y didnt get banned (u might check rs highscores bro) and he was combat 79 with addy when he quitted in early 2004. and its tigerviet2 who has 95 90 99 pure, tigerviet is his old main. :wink: Tigerviet sucked. He was a train without gas. I bet I killed him over 15 times.. including all his high [racist term] friends too.
  14. You know whats funny Me and craig(wsgb) shared one of these guys about 3 years ago before he left to the army. I just forgot what his name was.. but we brought him up to 90 plus range lol. \ We also did D I E as well.
  15. No bro.. I got on but they did a backround check.. and saw a misdemeanor pot related charge from 4 years earlier :wall: So that squashed that. Wow that was like almost 3 years ago.. I can't believe you remember me telling you that lol. I'm actually moving from Omaha to Grand Junction colo in 15 days. I got a job with union pacific 40k a year start out. So I'm stoked. :thumbsup: add me on aim though kord0g85
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