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  1. full black with r2h on a female char.
  2. here you go, only a few, but those were matching your time window: http://forum.tip.it/gallery/album/511-rsc-pictures-from-2002-2004/
  3. hi steph, great to see you here :) i still hang around on RSC from time to time or on some similar game servers. I hope you doing well. All teh best and take care d a v i
  4. this aint rs2 forums honey ;) the list names legends of RSC history and where it all started. Did you ever train a skill on RSC? Then you will notice some difference ... cough cough
  5. wb. i recall ur name from forums. can u still play rsc servers? :razz:
  6. its a shame only 3 people posted on this topic. luke contributed to RSC community A LOT. you will be missed. RIP Luke.
  7. i miss my old rsc friends too mate. i feel u. unfortunately time rolls on ... its like with your favourite club in rl getting closed :( rsc is a dead place. i meet sum mates from the past, but like 10% only, and on rs2 people change names every month.
  8. Yes, he is German and he still plays RS2 occasionally. There are more German players from RSC still logging into RS2 from time to time: Fighter MV, Andyracerx and Jomep. Btw: Germany will win European Cup ;)
  9. first off: Its great to see some pkin action in RSC wild. All private servers basically suck dk. after a few months, but RSC: ~ lovely. Its nice you got some kills, but I dont like the way you talk about zoo. He is a respected old school player with attitude, like you would judge urself i spose. He is co-clan-leader of the biggest RSC clan next to Agassi and hes has many friends on RSC. If you kill someone nice, but dont talk smack pls. ;) - d a v i - p.s. i still got picks where i killed hellgriever, isnt that ur main/noob? \:D/
  10. there has not been the one and only best friend for me. i had the pleasure to be accompanied by several persons who have been important to me and made rsc worthwile to play. i could rather name years and say who i spent most of the time with: 2001 Jomep 2002 Jomep/ Tigerviet2/ Chevyredone/Pker Fker (aka Lumbinator, MOD on biggest priv. server now) 2003 Dan Dundee - aka Pkking 1/ Yogiispure/ ..and more TWOD clan members as well as pking bros and sis 2004 Fistsoffury (my rsc mom)/ Jokk/ Hard Balls (my rsc bro) - *we owned pizza hut at bandits, lol* 2005 Andyracerx 2006+ Martinfin ...
  11. tnx for vids scott. funny to see how much ppl screamed auto ;) and how low we all hitted in fights on rsc compared to priv. servs lol. i spose the LT war was that one against rein├ęt. we owned em hard tbh. \ remy published a pretty long and good vid about that war on lumbtrain forums back then. :cry: lumbytrain was hawt.
  12. solution is easy as stated before by meili ;) and others: Control the game, be willing to support and earn sum cash. dedication needed pls. :wall:
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