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  1. Some random picture from 03? with you in it. :-)
  2. I know some people had that program 'speed_set' that fiddled the 'fid' variable in-game and made your frame rate go really slow - made catching somewhat easier, if not a little weird, and 2 sq'ing NW/SE was possible.
  3. Actually, the definition of pure back then was 1 mage and 1 prayer.
  4. Another old face. I used to team with you and/or fight you on regular bases on my old pure (da str pka) depending if official or other mutual friends were there! :D
  5. Richard! Long time no talk, mate. I still have the same hotmail address, but I'm rarely on buddy. I'll have to hop on-line and chat to you soon though and see how you're doing. :) If you're interested, you should hop on a rsc private server. Pm me if you need to. @ Timmos: I had a green phat that I bought for a half key in 02 I believe and I sold later down the line as I needed pking supplies. Bought the pink phat for 16m soon after (think that's just before the dupe happened - my luck, eh). I do remember the day of the dupe, though, I was at jungle spiders training and got a pm from a mate going crazy that people were selling phats for like 300k. I tele'd to varrock, hopped onto f2p world and traded a santa for a blue phat. Pity I had wasted 16m on a pink one months before. :(
  6. LT was an awesome forum. I remember moderating the pking forum until getting into a massive argument how I was favouring people on the forum and not moderating them compared to others. Soon resigned. :lol: Good memories, those vids. :)
  7. Ah right, my fault mate. :-# Whenever I had taken a pic, it used to always do that white border to the right on rb/AR:
  8. On my very first character, I started off as a wizard. I think you got 7 mage automatically and a couple of runes. Then decided I'd make a warrior. Oh and I remember making archers for profit (or so I thought it'd be profit :lol: ) Make a random name like 'sdjkasfpio' Login, drop the 10 arrows Make another char, drop 10 again etc. etc. Every few characters, login to my main and pick up and repeat. I soon got bored and realised it was a waste of time. :P
  9. Nice, I likey mate. :) Had a good look to see if I ever logged in and out, but couldn't spot any. Then it occured to me I was probably banned by then. :lol: You can tell some of the pics with the white 'border' on the right are on RB/ix. :P
  10. I made these in like 2003 I think with my pure plate. Note the TERRIBLE stats of 60 50 60-70 in the vids, haha. :lol: Couple of clips are repeated - hey, I was like 14 at the time. #-o Anyway, for [cabbage]s 'n' giggles - P.S. Cheers to devinesaiyan for uploading. :P The first 5 vids are on my pure plate and the last is on my lil noob. Do excuse the horrid catching in the war video as I was on an American server and I could barely chase let alone click attack whilst they were on the same square. :oops: Lumbytrain vs Reinet war: My lil noob: Enjoy. :)
  11. I'll add you when I'm next on tomorrow, Adx. If anyone is interested in the server, it's insane xp. I managed to get from 40 40 60 prayer 1, mage 1 to 99 99 99 prayer 76, mage 85 in a day, so training is no hassle if you're lazy (I'm officially the laziest trainer ever).
  12. I play p2p also. Low Fighter and I were pking last night and I noticed that there's basically 4 types of people on that server: 1. People who play level 41 and border fight with a huge team. 2. People who play level 118-123 and only fight with a huge team. 3. People who prayer beast with 99 1 99 which is just boring. 4. The old school guys who know what they're doing, but yet told they're 'noobs' and 'owned' because they don't decide to fight 4v1 against ibanners and another 3 with fire waves. Not a bad server, but slightly peeves me off the amount of immature morons on that server. Especially the tards on the forums that just spam typing '+1' in EVERY post of theirs and spam that global chat with 'hahaha you got 3 hit n00b!' *Facepalm* :wall:
  13. I know this is off topic, but how did you get on RSC if you haven't playing in over 1400 days? I thought your account was locked after 6 months... There was a certain cut-off point where if you did not log on within 6 months, you would not be able to get onto rs1. As long as you did, you can leave you character idle for as long as you wish and it'll still be there to log on.
  14. Some nice pics there. Remember how lazy jagex were when they first released dragon axe & sword. They looked like bloody rusted bronze!
  15. Apparently the 'big' surprise is a cape for all people who started before rs2, or so I've heard. JUST what I wanted! :-# :lol:
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