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  1. Ha, yeah, after Kryptix got banned I got Kryptik to 118+ combat (I believe).
  2. Me to, he's just started playing Project P2P as well.
  3. Haha, I used to pick up a Iron Dagger in a Lumbridge spawn, then walk all the way to varrock to sell them all to the store...
  4. No, really. All of them were taken with a screenshot program made by 'Gadwin Systems' -- it randomly added that line whenever I screenshotted a JAVA applet. I used to play a few JAVA games and it added the same white line to them all. All those kills were using the official client.
  5. To be honest, most of the 99hp (ish) kills had to be killed 'tactically' (or they went to death) as lets be honest, 85-87hp vs 99hp isn't going to do too well if both are maging. Obviously if we faught 1 on 1 you would have owned me with your stats, but in a way I kind of enjoyed being a lower level as it was more of a challenge.
  6. It was (around) August, 2004. I started RS fairly late and even then I didn't play too often so it took me some time to get up to a level where I could PK successfully, but even at 85-90hp I'd still get teamed by several 99hp players. There's a photo up there of Chaos Guy (120) having to suicide on his 99hp friend after I (85hp) caught him 30+ times barely touching his 99 defence with my 87 (ish) attack. Finally got him to low HP with mage and he resorted to dying to his friend. Classy. It's pretty sad really, considering at that stage a rune set was no more than about 200,000gp and considering he'd protect an item too, you're looking at about 150,000gp being saved and forming a negative reputation. :lol:
  7. I'm sure a lot of you won't remember me, but I'm hoping most will as I was fairly active on RSC, and if I was online you could bet your right arm I'd be in the wilderness. Hopefully you'll be able to spot yourself as well as others you knew of back in the good old days. If you're not from that era I imagine you'll find this topic very boring, but having not looked through these images in 3-4 years I got a lot of enjoyment from looking through them. Any questions or whatever, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer. Most of these were taken when I was 106-109 combat with (around) 85-89hp. PS. I suggest letting this page load fully before scrolling through as it's a lot nicer taking your time and scrolling through them slowly than battling with them as they all try to load at once.
  8. I remember when a Rune Large used to be 100,000gp but Rune Legs and other 3-bar items used to be (around) 50,000gp. I remember buying my first Rune Large for 100,000gp after spending days and days trying to make money. :lol:
  9. I miss it when I'm online when you 'n Zorro ain't. I went out for a trip this afternoon and got joined by Kingmz, Hook and some others. I attacked this 119 and faught him for 10 minutes using near 60 bloods, got him to no (or low) food and he began his retreat. They noticed he was low so about 4 of them stood between us (preventing me from maging properly), and attempted to beat me to the catch. I beat them 4 or 5 times, and on the last catch someone got there before me. All of them were maging and obviously I didn't get the kill. I took off 15+ food so I stood there waiting for the armour to be traded to me, but sure enough I got nothing. :lol: ...and like you say, I watched them (attempt) to kill someone else. I was covering south, and all of them stood in the middle. The guy getting attack ran north west and instantly got away as they all missed the catch and no-one was covering north despite me typing to do so several times. Me, you 'n Zorro seem to just 'work' -- one fighting, one north, one south, you're not getting away! :lol: I invited a few people to come and play with us (like Da Str Pka and Deadskinmask), but if anyone else fancies hopping on feel free to give one of us a PM. We all got to 120 combat in an evening or so, and no-doubt we'll all chip in to get you started off.
  10. Someone else owned Arkan in the end. He either gave his character away, sold it or he got hacked. The real Arkan was incredibly good at catching, and the only guy other than Adx1 and Sue Me that I would struggle to escape from. Some idiot got hold of the account, and started keylogging people like you say.
  11. If you live in (or near) London, London servers are the most popular, why would you think "No, I'm actually gunna use a worse, less popular server to play on." It just doesn't make sense. :lol:
  12. I see exactly what you're saying Ad, but back when you were 100 combat there was a lot less 'high-levels' than there was when I was 100. It's difficult to put my point across. I know you didn't just get 99hp and I remember you from when you were about 103 combat, but at that time I was 60 combat (I believe). By the time I was 100 combat, it seemed like everyone was 99hp (ish). I'm not saying you wouldn't be known as a good if you hadn't of reached 99hp, but it certainly made it easier. At my peak, I was 104-106 combat with 95+ magic so I know it's possible. I used to regally kill people much higher than me, BUT killing people my own level was a LOT easier. Say for example... Eugene Ru. Same level as you were. You used to batter him when he wasn't logging on site, but he was the same combat as you. If he was 140 combat, do you think he would have been logging on site? Actually, he probably would have, but you get where I'm coming from. The only person that used to trouble me at my level was 'Xrs' -- he was very underrated and never gets mentioned, but he was something like 85 68 98 with high magic and no-one really knew him. He used to give me a good go. I remember being 106 and being confident I could beat pretty much anyone up to about 114 when I may get beaten, but like you say, that's to do with maging constantly.
  13. I remember that! :lol: Thing is, most people on RS began running with about 10 food left if they had seen your name on any kind of 'best catcher' thread. :roll:
  14. PS. I think I still have 500+ kill JPG's on my old PC I could upload if anyone is interested in seeing some old names. They weren't all 'impressive' kills, I just decided to take a photo of every kill I got for a month or two. It brings back some memories looking through 'em though.
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