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  1. Ok thanks ~Hmm.. this is gonna take some time :wall:
  2. I haven't been on RS in ages and though i spottedly logged in here and there just to see what was up...They made PvP worlds so now i can finally use my pures to some gain, but - in lvlin' them up and whatnot, i cannot seem to figure out how to transfer items to them... From what i've been told by my younger, more avid cousin - trading as been altered heavily and from what i've experimented so has drop trading to some extent ~Basically - Is there a way to give items to another character without having to involve another living person?
  3. its a perfect idea.. especially if u member..cuz its horrible when u can find something like a knife..and end up walking around just to buy 1
  4. My friend Mine On Time is unable to talk privately to people on his buddy list or to the public walking around, he is a member and cannot "create" or "reply" to any thread in the runescape forum. Also he has sent 3 messages to staff and has got none in return so they probably did not get through also. His runescape worked fine last night before he went a bed. Thanks, ChuninChoji
  5. nvm that jason thing..umm 1st is obviously Street Fighter Turbo 2 and second one looks like a Fatal Fury game..
  6. its that jason game.. i saw a review on G4techtv..
  7. its wasnt funny and i didnt get it..but i dont play WoW.. cuz most everyone here is playing Runescape..and cant afford WoW..
  8. if any mom's read this.. then they are truly rockin' moms for playing RS. And Happy Mother's Day to all u momma's boys..or otherwise...
  9. whahahaa.. i took my AP test on Monday..essay totally bombed... i wish i had been studying instead of playing Runescape. See this is what Runescape does to the mind... Curse you Runescape!!!
  10. in my school... not only are the high schoolers taking EOCT (End of Coures Tests) but also the Final Exams... To me this a bit much... i had just taken the AP test and rite before that i had taken the LA EOCT. The rest of the week (Monday to Thursday) we had been taking the rest of the EOTC's. Then the week after this, we are going to have to take the written portion of the test, for every subject. Now on the final week of school, we are gonna take our Final Exams... this is way too much testing.. i hope ur schools arent this bad.
  11. dude.. Godzilla hands down.... its simple.. giant monter kill people..not much to it.. much better than King Kong.. what a pansy!
  12. the best one i've seen was Gemini.. good 1st person action and good amount of items and stuff.. takes up a load of RAM though
  13. okaay... umm..at least u have a reason..hmm..what is it about anime that "draw" people in... and please dont say u hate it.
  14. woo.. duck hunt.. one of the first laser gun games.. then there was Yoshi Story.. i have it but i dont have the patented Nintendo Bazooka thingy... it looks cool though..
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