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  1. Wow, thank you very much blade. I've found the reasons it won't work, and have attempted to see what I can do. Right now it seems like my motherboard is having some trouble reading the hd, but I'll try it again w/ a different mobo and/or hard drive and/or install DVD to see if I can get it. Thanks
  2. Yeah, like denismage was saying, wireless has to be the worst part of linux. If you have easy access to an ethernet cable, go for it by all means. I tried two different wireless cards on three different distros and couldnt get anything to work. Ubuntu deffinitely has the ease of use down, though most distros are fully customizable so none of them really have any big advantage looks wise (b/c the window managers have been designed in separate projects and can all be run in each of the distros.)
  3. Clare, does vista have an improved boot manager over xp? Cause as much as ive used xp, I've never been able to get it to boot up anything else.
  4. Is it possible to buy a boxed mac complete install? I know that mac has been running on intel processors for almost two years now, but is there any way to buy mac OS to install onto a blank hard drive? It seems like most everything on the apple store comes as an upgrade, where you run a program on your mac to get a newer version. Am I right that the only way to get the mac OS is by buying it preinstalled from apple? (and if this is the case, what happens if you clear your hard drive?) Also, is it possible to copy a mac hard drive with everything, including the os, onto a empty pc hard drive, then boot up in mac? I know microsoft has blocked this by getting a signature of your hardware, but is it even possible to do with a mac (and if so, have they done anything to prevent it?) Thanks everyone
  5. I think winamp should be able to handle this - I've used it before to convert audio files, and a quick google search just showed me that they can play protected wmas, so they should be able to convert them. Look online or fiddle around a bit with the input and output 'drivers(?)' You can change the output to a file type, rather than sound output, to convert a file.
  6. I really can't speak for many distros, but I currently use fedora 7 and love it. Ubuntu/kubuntu are definitely the easiest to install, but if you're looking to get a bit more comfortable with linux in general, I'd try fedora/debian/opensuse/ arch/ark/etc. The one 'downside' you would find with fedora (though many open source fans call it a 'pro,' and ive come to agree) is that it contains only free/open source software. This means you'll have a bit more work setting it up (you can't play mp3s, DVDs, java, etc when you first boot up) but I've got a number of links i used that i can give you if you do choose to go with fedora. Although the next release of fedora is schedule for early november, you might want to go with the current fedora (7) simply b/c it'll have more documentation already written to help guide you along. and another tip, don't go for x64 OSs, even if you have a x64 processor - they're somewhat buggy and it's harder to use/get the software that works on them (and there doesnt even seem to be any sort of speed advantage.) PDM
  7. Well beauty's definitely great for instant gratification, and there's nothing wrong with some of that, but brains definitely win for lifelong satisfaction.
  8. pedm

    Harsh scool?

    But please, that's still ridiculous. There has to have been an intent to disrupt the class and, even more importantly, a likelihoods that he will do it again. Now, I don't know, but maybe he has gas problems and they are punishing him in an attempt to get him to quell those issues (impossible...) Unless he farted on purpose, they have no right to touch him.
  9. Haha, vegimite! Disgusting stuff! I have a friend who has family down under so visited them a summer ago and brought back the stuff (excuse me, smuggled it back.) I tried a little drop of it on a saltine and even then it was disgusting. I can't describe the stuff, I just remember it was disgusting and extremely strong. It didn't look so hot either.
  10. pedm

    Harsh scool?

    And fourth, for your own sake, please don't even try hacking the school's system...
  11. Wow, I really like how this article tries to blame electronics for all of our sleeping/teenage problems. Sleep deprivation has existed for ages - electronics are just one of the means of distraction. But really, seems like some phony stats if they want to figure out how many kids fall asleep WATCHING TV, listening to music, or with electronics on. Heck, I fall asleep with the radio on seven days a week, but that doesnt mean the TV keeps me up late awake...
  12. pedm

    Harsh scool?

    So, what is this principle of yours actually charging you with? They can't suspend you for nothing and I'm guessing they don't have a no farting clause in the rules. And if they do have some rule against disturbing class time, what does it say?
  13. Alrighty, it looks good - I'm sold. Thanks a lot. I'll buy the parts tonight, and tell you how it goes. EDIT: Parts bought! Two of the smaller parts were out of stock (DVD/CD Rom and firewire add on) but I found replacements without too much trouble. Thanks for all the help.
  14. Yeah, I'm almost positive that the one I have will work - when I took out the old motherboard it had all the standard outputs of an ATX (it had numerous slots that an AT wouldn't have.) As far as cooling goes, the one I have seems wider than other cases and has two large fans (180 mm, compared to 120mm, I think,) not including the PSU fan. So, I'm pretty sure that the case I've got is at least as good as, if not better than any other cheap case I might buy. (and if I do need to buy one, well I'llk know that once i try fitting the stuff out.) And blade, do you have any suggestions on that? I've seen a bunch of mobos with "Intel GMA X3000" or "Intel GMA 3100" but none with nvidia 6. I have seen some with nvidia north/south bridges, but I'm pretty sure those are different from nvidia graphics.
  15. I've got a pretty decent one already Bart, which I should be set reusing. And I'll check that out tonight blade, cause im being shooed off the computer right now.
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