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  1. i will be supporting Liverpool, Havent is basically an extension of Portsmouth
  2. im sure you can for the PC version depending on what the servers have, 360 is definite no
  3. Metal Gear Solid 4 Gran Turismo 5 Grand Theft Auto 4 Mercenaries 2 Splinter Cell: Conviction Rainbow 6: Vegas 2
  4. WcW in the days of Goldberg and the nWo 8-)
  5. i havent played this game since SC2, do they still have the rpg/quest type thing where you can unlock weapons? if it does i wonder what Vaders unlockable weapons would be
  6. Link the final four candidates for the Scotland job, i see George Burley is still there. get rid of George Burley and ruin the Scotland team, please? :pray:
  7. at a push i could eat 12 without throwing up, wouldnt want to though
  8. f i network the PC with another PC it will work fine, if i take out the network cable from the second PC and put it into my 360 it will work for about 2 minutes then disconnect, i then have to start the entire process again. this problem has really got me confused, i dont have a clue what could be causing it
  9. ive already tried disabling it but it dosent work
  10. my PS3 also cant connect to the PC, so ive put it down as a PC or network cable problem
  11. ive moved my 360 to another building with a new internet connection, ive used this connection before to connect to xbox live but for some reason its not letting me connect again. im using a ICS connection and have used the same setup before. it fails on the IP section, the PC can pick the 360 up but the 360 wont see the PC.
  12. you have to be over 13 to play any EA games online
  13. i managed to get the gold Ak47 and M60, took about 2 weeks to get both playing groundwar.
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