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  1. dang. this thing happened to me 4 years ago. i was 124/126 combat then. i trained another account to 125/126 combat :\ few years later i got the 124 unbanned now i have 2 high level accounts of 99 atk str def -_-. users are xcyclonewolf and w0lfyz haha :)
  2. Just happened to drop by so.. A great achievement back then. training at pirates. i just have to put this up xD 118 was godly back then. altar dms last time. randomly selected one to throw up the great e? rs legend. power mining south of ard. frog killers? o.o; classic. when mage arena was released. bone yard. f2p's prime prayer training spot back then. 3k prayer exp per hour. it was nice to train here though. miss it. ah.
  3. Where did this piece of news emanate from? :/ In anycase why don't you ask his son? Xtr34m Force or something.. (can't remember, too long ago.) Ah well. Nite was a good friend when i played 2 years back. Saddening news :(
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