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  1. Hell yes, if charlie wasnt on there i was going to shoot myself... BEST RS PLAYER EVER
  2. i hate it when all the lvl 70s and 90s claim to be playing for 5 years so full of [cabbage]
  3. lets see 50-58 herblaw in lamps 356 Saphires from random events 256 Emeralds 79 Rubies 21 Diamonds 356 Strange Fruit Full Lederhosen 16 mimes Full Camo 7 sets of Prince 21-26 farming in lamps as well
  4. lol i can play any gamecube/ps2/nes/sega/atari game on the computer its pretty ownage
  5. SHAIT chiefs suck again im from kc missouri and chiefs always suck alls they have is priest holmes
  6. on over 75% of servers alliance outnumbers horde
  7. just shut up... very good suggestion would help loads stupid flamers who want to suck up to jagex shouldnt even post
  8. if youve played a lot for 4 years you will be 120+ if your level 90 and claim to have played 4 years you lie or either play 5 mins a day
  9. holy [cabbage] ive been there before that dragon owned the hell out of me did you kill it?
  10. stop spamming my topic/flaming mine looks like yours so what? you didnt copyright it
  11. therefore im not copying...
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