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  1. i not it can be compared, BUT. what do you think the worse scenario would be.. 1. Man killed wrong fully be police.. 2.Police see terrorist fail to shoot 200 ppl die... ....
  2. at the end of the day the police tried and they got it wrong what if they didnt shoot him and he was a terrorist and he blew up 200 people. whats worse one man dying or 200, obivously its 200!. u cant be right all the time we dont live in a world were the police get everything right all they can do is do there best.
  3. Eng


    Trance is ok, i prefer Dirty Gabba and hardcore techno. HELLFISH AND PRODUCER BRISK BLOODY FIST
  4. Eng

    Halloween Costumes

    Is anyone going to a haloween party this year if yes are you dressing up, and do you have any pics of old haloween parties :) this should be funny
  5. No i wouldn't mind because thats sick and people should be locked up for it, if it mean't hassling inccocent people to catch the criminals then so be it. would you rather the police searched 10 inocents and caught 3 pedo's, or search 0 inocents and caught 1 pedo. You say we shot away our rights to shoot to kill thats crap, stop for a second, there had already been 2-3 other bombs detonated in london before this guy ran away from armed police. what if he had a button in his hand and at a press of that button another bomb was detonated, (just imagine that happened and the police saw him but shot him in the leg could he still press that button dam rite he could, causing alot more people to die. Our police done the right thing by me. you remember that greek plane that lost cabin pressure, all the passangers passed out and it flew into a mountain. We'll before it hit the mountain greek officals scambled 2 armed jet planes to shoot it out the sky just incase it was another 9/11, i think the point im trying to put across (as harsh as it sounds) but 100 life weighs more than 1, and 1000 lifes weighs more than 200.
  6. As a black british male i understand where your coming from BUT... if they were to search me extra long at an airport i wouldn't be bothered TERRORIST's look , dark skinned or look eastern european. i hope i didnt offend anyone there because thats not my intention. Obviously peoples fitting these discriptions are going to be searched more and for longer.(im one of these people) and i dont care, its there job to protect us and our country and if thats what they have to do thats what they have to do.
  7. Eng

    Poker tournament

    are these fun poker games or for real money also does anyone know anywhere i can play some decent poker for free..
  8. Im sick of the whole 9/11 thing. "The day the world changed" No the world hasnt changed because of just ONE incident! I blame bush for kicking up so much fuss if bush gets assasinated I will set up a website proclaiming victory to his assasin. Im from england and i support BUSH 100%, at the end of the day iraq was a threat to the world, look what they did in 9/11 what would they do if they had neclear missile capability. Also i think phones/messages should be tapped if it saves a few 100 lives i dont mind my privacy being invaded! IF YOU GOT NOTHING TO HIDE, you wont mind niether. At the end of the day all terrorists should be dealt with in the way the act them selves. (death penalty). you ever seen the film swordfish! lets take a leaf out of that film. You say terrorism doesnt effect you so why the hell are you posting this message, obviously it effects us all, wether its oil prices, phones being tapped or our family and friends going off to war. I think you need to grow up and relise this.
  9. i remember you could trade members object ' but you couldnt complete the trade'.....
  10. At the end of the day us members pay to get bonus's and make money faster and easier why the hell should F2P, if you want castle wars get a job its only ÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâã3 a month..
  11. The avatar image file size must be less than 6 KB now its sayin this when i try and upload from the browser... can i actually use this image...
  12. so will this link work to upload it...
  13. i think there running out of quest's/ideas so everytime a fansite release's a quest guide 100's of people are stuck with nothing to do in rs again....
  14. The avatar image file size must be less than 6 KB The avatar must be less than 80 pixels wide and 80 pixels high- This is what it says when i try to upload my avatar.. This is the avatar i want = http://www.badbadrubberpiggy.com/vBulliten/images/avatars/105.jpg Can someone help....
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