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  1. I haven't reported him, I was just trying to figure out he would be doing that. Some kind of program maybe?
  2. Ok, I'm standing here in the fishing guild and this guy is making the Sandwich Lady appear for him every 3 seconds or so. It's the same guy too, I've seen him make her pop up at least 8 or 9 times within the last few minutes. He'll make her appear, take the prize, and make her appear again. Anyone know anything about this?
  3. What does that mean? Do the frogs send you to some sort of cave or what? Anyways I've gotten a mime 3 times now (2 emotes, 1 costume), freaky forrester twice, drill demon not at all (I heard it's combat related and I've been noncombatting since it came out) and frog event lots of times (at least 10+ times) but I've never been to any cave :cry: Well, I was alching when I got the Drill Demon (got the camo top), not in combat.
  4. Torag's isn't a joke at all. It has insane def bonus and it's way cheap for the full set minus the lame hammers. The special isn't great, but the armor rules. That's why so many people use it. I do, and I love it.
  5. Yay, I'm in the first 2 pictures. We scored 292 fish that time, and I only got one sea turtle, 2 lobs and a swordfish. That was good times :D
  6. thats still pretty bad... I mean you can make them for free lol :wink: Lol, well, it's good if you're lazy like I am :D
  7. The paste starts out at 42 gp each, but as you buy them they go up to around 62 to 65. It's not too bad if you only buy around 100 though.
  8. Still works great for me, after all this time
  9. I'd love to come Real runescape username: I_Norseman_I Job: Hole Fixer Will you wear something christmasy? I can, yes Will you have the required items for your job? Yep, already have the paste Do you have 10 fishing or above? Yep, 79 right now, should be 80 by then Can you have fun(lol)? Definately
  10. It's all random... I killed about 6 one time, and got a clue. After I did the clue, I came back and killed 1 more for yet another clue. It's all luck.
  11. I meant "kill," of course... Like I said, I have done this before, I know that no one can do it for me. I was suggesting my friend take care of the axes... And no, this one is not outside the hut, it is inside... I have had both, and this one is inside.
  12. Ugh, I have another lvl 3 that requires I dig in the axe hut... which means there will be a Zammy wizard waiting. Problem is, I can't get away from the axes long enough to talk to the Zammy wizard. I don't even know how I pulled this off before, but does anyone have any good tips? I'm going to ask my lvl 119 friend to accompany me, but other than that, anything? Thanks
  13. I'm actually happy when I get a puzzle box... easiest part of a lvl 3 trail. No walking, and they're super easy :D
  14. Lol... if you're going to insult someone, use proper spelling :lol: Be weary of pkers, I lost a lvl 3 clue because of a few the other day, don't let it happen to you.
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