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  1. Way to go Jagex....




    Just ask nicely and u get what u want.




    Jagex caters to beggers and lazy people.




    There is absolutely no skill involved in skilling anymore.




    Just about everything has an "x" option, just click and sit, go afk, look at other sites....wow hard.




    Good job jagex you have officially ruined one of the tougher skills in the game. It is just a rich version of fletching now.




    Skills are respected cause they take effort and time. It is getting to the point where no skill takes effort. The game should be a challenge. Just because people dont feel like clicking a few thousand times doesnt mean there is a problem with the skill.




    This game is at the point where it is excessivly easy to get levels.




    Thanks jagex for ruining another skill.




    Can't wait for mining to become like wc, or else why dont you find out a way to ruin rc or slayer.




    I am 99 herb but im not just saying "o i did it the hard way". This game needs a few hard skills. There is no problem with them. Just because 5k people dont have 99 doesnt mean there is an issue.


    Thanks, everyone seems to forget this. I totally agree with you, I just tried some herblore and it's sooooo much easier now. It isn't even fun anymore. This is one of the worst updates up to date (together with a lot of other "X" options, let's wait for a "Afk X" now).




    Really, I dont see your point with all the x-ing at all.




    The hard part in all the skills was getting the materials. That part has stayed. Why on earth do you prefer manually clicking all the potions, and risking a tunnel syndrom or RSI when you now just can click x and look away. Seriously, I'm happy about it and I like it.


    I really cant see why you prefer it the harder way, by only needing a lot more clicking.

  2. Short: my problem is that at least half of my Lost city assignments are bronze dragons. Something I don't want to do for slayer.




    I recently turned 90 combat, and since then I got bronze dragon assignments like crazy. I dont want to do them, but I get fed up with going to Burthrope, and coming back to Lost City for some other bronze dragons.




    How can I avoid this?

  3. I don't know about everyone else but I kinda like the new pc.


    Never really enjoyed it before so I never used it but now it seems it's more of a 'fun based' mini game with some nice exp to go with it.




    This is just my opinion on things :D




    I love you. <3:




    I joined Affliction 2 days ago. Worst clan ever. Played some really bad games. But now PC seems finally like a minigame I can play for fun. Yes, I may be an utter idiot, but I like to play for fun. I don't care if I get 3k XP an hour, if I have fun in that hour.




    And this updates gives me a lot of fun, because of all the noobpures who got owned. :D








    Aaaand, no more Shantay Pass warnings! Yay! :D

  4. I bet you never knew the maximum KC for barrows is 9999, after this it says "Too many".
    What the heck?! How do you know this? I doubt anyone got kc of more than 9999




    Rahrurwrld did it, almost a year ago. Made a big topic on it on the boards. It must be somewhere if you search.






    What I really find surprising is that there are SO many people here lacking common sense. Obviously, the TS is a bit to enthousiast with his posts. A mod said something about it. But now there need to be at least 5 different people who need to think to be 'cool' and 'mature' by flaming him that he spams. Doh, he did, a mod said so. There is no need AT ALL to tell him again that he spams.


    Besides, that way you are spamming much worse then him. He said something that was ontopic, but not really necessary. You guys said something really offtopic, so therefore considered way much more spam.


    And yes, I'm aware that this part of my post doesnt contribute anything either to the topic.




    Other thing is, that common sense would tell you that it is better to let the TS 'spam' his topic with semiofftopic posts, then flame him to death and kill the discussion.

  5. I agree with what Ginger_Warrior and Rebdragon (and some others) already said.




    But most of all, I found it rather shocking that you left out the aspect of learning English for non-native English speakers.


    Because RuneScape learnt me one thing, and that is English. As a Dutchie myself, playing RS really helps my English. Not with perfect grammer structures, but by having your mind set to English, to think in English. And that is what makes a big difference. Strangely enough, I'm pretty sure that it also helps your listening to English, because you are able to understand words spoken or read much faster. To me, it wasnt a big surprise that my friend and I both got a 9.7/10 for a English listening test (such high marks are really rare on school in Holland in the 14th grade on highest level), while there were quite some people with 2/10. I dont say this to brag, but because I know that we both got ourself much more into English (by playing RS, watching movies etc) then the other classmates, who didn't.


    So for me it's pretty obvious that RS helps my English.




    But you didnt name that, and thought of other (rather lame) ideas like math. I'm sorry, but I have pretty high marks at math, and I always use a calculater. Much faster, and you are bound to make mistakes sometime when you don't.

  6. Kinda remarkable that only people who have been F2P all the time say that F2P is better at some point, while all the P2Pers, people who have experienced both F2P and P2P, say that F2P is much worse then P2P.




    So even on only that side of view, its pretty obvious which side is 'right'. Allthough this mostly is about your own feeling which cannot really be wrong.

  7. jagex said they would never add another peice of drag armor....


    they lied to themselves





    PMG, Jagex lied to us! Go to the court and claim money for whatever reason!






    Stop being stupid and be happy with a new update. Everyone sensible person knows that after a while you sometimes see things better, and make other decisions. Therefore Jagex saw that a dragon full helm would be good, and decided to add it. Now what kind of nonsense is it to whine and moan about 'z0mg, Jagex lied to us!'?






    Besides, I want to see that quote where Jagex says that. I'm not 100% sure if its true. (And thats a kinda understatement)

  8. I've got it the last few days 2 times, and the rewards were really good. The last time I got at around 60%ish, and the reward was 400 chaos, 1.5k feathers and 800 iron arrows.


    They should do more random events with rewards like that. :)

  9. First: Please stop quoting that whole quotepiramid, or use at least spoiler tags. Its extremely annoying.




    The point about pures is, there are 2 kinds of pures for me. Note, I dont PK or stake. Ones like the TS, who is just a normal, honest player. When I see him somewhere, I don't notice him as a pure, but just as a normal player, or maybe a skiller. Nothing wrong with that, maybe Ill become friends with one of those player some day, but up till then I have nothing special to do with them, there just players. I couldnt care less about how they trained their stats.




    Then there is the idiot. You have pure idiots, and normal idiots. Normal idiots beg, scam and annoy. Pure idiots call everyone n00b for no reason at all. Def noob, pray noob, nooby noob, just about anything. They also have really annoying names, like "I pwnz0rsU2lumby I" or "illiIIIllLLLIii1iiiiiLLLiiiIIIiLLi1". THAT are the people who dislike. And the pure idiots always show very clearly they are pures. Honest pures don't show and brag that they are pures.


    So thats how I dislike pures. I dont dislike you, because you arent a pure to me. Your just a player with other interests.




    And most of the people here is talking about P2P pures. I suggest you to take a look with a level 5-10 character in world 1 varrock north. Its the worst place you could imagine. Pures everywhere. The bad ones I mean.

  10. I'd say both.




    The Good


    I do like the update, as it gives the NPCs a more dynamic and more realistic movement. (When I say that I mean more realistic than before)




    The Bad


    I don't DK, or haven't thought of doing the fight caves yet, however, considering about everyone else's thoughts, they're going to be somewhat ruined, or at least much harder now.





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