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  1. Problem is, I don't have a guilded altar :P I guess I'll just wait till I can be online a bit more frequently and ask someone if i can borrow theirs. Cheers.
  2. With the introduction of a "Grind x" feature, how much slower is Ectofungus than a guilded altar now? I've got 1,500 d bones to get through :(
  3. You can't create a black market that effects the prices on the G.E, so no offense to Milton Friedman and Winston Churchill, but they'd be utter noobs at Runescape economics Churchill was a noob when it came to rl economics too. As Chancellor of the Exchequer he was responsible for a return to the gold standard which proved disasterous for the British economy in the 1920s.
  4. The items you mention are all of a certain type: more are coming into the game (through monster drops etc) and very few are going out of the game (such as the occasional unlucky guy who gets killed while skulled). These items will always drop in price in the long term, that's a basic fact of supply/demand, and merchanters do not affect this. The only exception is where Jagex update a piece of equipment. This is clear even in the examples you give - barrows armour, for instance, is significantly cheaper than it was when it came out, despite it being frequently merchanted.
  5. If people have learnt anything from the current real world financial crisis it's that what economies certainly do need it tight regulation. I can't really see why people are complaining about this change - unlike some of the other initiatives such as teh GE and the limit on free stuff you can give out, this update doesn't affect normal players at all. The only peple to lose out here are the merchants, and they have too much money anyway ;)
  6. Nowhere did I say that I disagree with you ;) I think that the update made firemaking slightly better but agree that the skill could be improved. Personally I'd be tempted to significantly reduce the number of easily accessible ranges in the game and return FM back to its basic necessity.
  7. Would you have included the "...insults don't help" bit, because you failed miserably when you declared Jagex "stupid" and "truely...ignorant" for daring to disagree with you and another post on this thread "10/10 in rubbishness". You're entitled to your own opinion, but it might help you to remember that other posters are entitled to their own.
  8. Ah, slight mistake in my original post - I meant quickest, not necessarily easiest :) I guess cave slimes are the way forward?
  9. What's the easiest quickest way to collect it?
  10. Ah, that's a good guess! I didn't actually know that bloods were craftable now :oops: It's fairly amusing being a noob all over again :P Cheers you two.
  11. Ahha, took me two readings to notice your actual answer there :P What's the Barbarian outpost glitch? I assumed that less demand was pushing the price down but why don't people like bloods any more? :/ Why would anyone use deaths over bloods when they're almost the same price?
  12. Hi guys I've been away for a while, could someone please explain to me why bloods have plummeted in price to be worth only slightly more than death runes? :o I remember them being 600 ea!
  13. The Grand Exchange was brand new just before I left. Went to check it out and apparently I have 75k from selling something I can't remember :P Good idea about showing my stats, here they are: Edit: If it's not clear, the first number is my level and the second my xp, couldn't be bothered to edit the latter out. Attack 71 827,582 Defence 80 2,040,711 Strength 70 758,047 Hitpoints 79 1,909,997 Ranged 73 1,052,705 Prayer 62 360,540 Magic 85 3,424,352 Cooking 66 510,681 Woodcutting 78 1,693,622 Fletching 86 3,639,052 Fishing 62 345,332 Firemaking 55 171,020 Crafting 55 167,799 Smithing 55 179,911 Mining 56 196,618 Herblore 66 545,793 Agility 57 205,710 Thieving 58 237,529 Slayer 65 452,439 Farming 60 291,107 Runecraft 47 78,651 Hunter 43 53,556 Construction 48 88,423 What monsters are people training on these days?
  14. Hi guys I stopped playing RS about... well, quite a while ago now. Had the urge to unearth my old account today and see what's changed. I'm loving the new resolution and better graphics :D I was just wondering if anyone could suggest a couple of the coolest new updates I should try checking out. I know that I could read the news thread on the official forum but that's a looooot of info and I'm just interested in a few highlights for now to wean me back in. Sadly I'm not exactly sure how long I've been gone. My last login date was some 250 days ago, but I think that was just a quick login to see if my account was still there, I've been out for longer than that. I'm have a feeling I left just before the God swords came out. As far as my account is concerned I'm level 93 with 85 mage, I've got a few million gp but I'd rather not spend much until i find my feet again, and I'm not too bothered about teamwork games like CW or whatever the newfangled versions :P Cheers!
  15. Edit: My mistake, thanks to the two guys below. What a pity :(
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