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  1. Apparently 74 wilderness isn't high enough. If we move it up, then level 261 players can attack level 3 players. :unsure: Was doing the event on a secondary account. Figured I'd go look at the 74 wilderness thing for laughs, and look, it says 258. (although somewhat cut off)
  2. Had my chat on all to try and make some trades. At the first line I thought he was going to make some stupid offer but be nice about it. Are these ever successful?
  3. You should charge your robes; not much use without them being charged. I'm pretty sure that Battle Robes, just like Barrows, degrade down to 0 when they are dropped on death. The page before this, you can see he just posted his setup after getting the robes from FOG.
  4. This happened to me once and i was just like "wtf". I didn't know it was possible either, but at least it doesn't happen often. It actually only happens if you forget the supercompost. Using supercompost will raise the minimum you can get to 5.
  5. yeah knowing jagex's sense of humor i'd like to bet they're joking with us I would be surpised if they didn't have WoW installed. If you were running a company, wouldn't you want to know what your biggest competitor is up to? others would argue that playing the competition would lead to imitation rather than innovation. I'd be willing to bet Employees who work on WoW also play runescape. Nothing wrong with keeping up with the competition, plus, WoW isn't the ONLY game jagex could have gotten the Constitution update from... May I ask how the constitution update is imitation of any game at all? They simply moved the decimal place to the right on everything... Doesn't really take copying another game to add that feature. As for the WoW installed, no surprise really... and no surprise if many of the Jagex workers play it regularly. Just because you design a game, doesn't mean that you hate/can't play your competitors' games.
  6. I'm actually wondering how the release of those items were linked to the PVP inflation thing... Dark bow/Godswords were before the GE came out. Spirit shields were before the PVP "fix" Forgot where Claws lay, I wanted to say before the PVP "fix" as well. So all of those are from well before the inflation started, I'm just not understanding how you're relating the fact that their release is to help with the inflation at all. Added to that, can you even consider those items new? Yea they're newer than some updates... but they're mostly years old.. And on a final note, as said above, trading isn't a money sink....
  7. On the other hand, if you type "Bad Updates", you get: Nosepeg, and each of the ruined dragon armor pieces :wink: Going to go try more tbh... :wall:
  8. I'm normally nice and supportive with updates.. but seriously? BESIDES that I agree with the people saying that this fix is BS... Am I the only one who is a bit annoyed, that they STILL constantly release updates regularly, and STILL have to go back and change something within 1 day? They basically give you an update to play with for a day, then a day later, by either player complaints (Aww, I need to level herblore now?), or "sudden realization they messed up", they mess with it. I mean seriously, just save a day of re-writing a patch to fix the mistake, and realize how almost every other update goes, and guess from there. People don't like 1- Hard work, and 2- Having to work to be good with PvP.
  9. I didn't read all the replies, however by reading your first post... It says (summarized): I want a partyhat. I have almost enough but I can't get one. They must be overpriced. I read: PLZ I KANT BI PARTEHAT ND I RLY WANT SO IT HAS TO B [email protected] Please, correct me in any errors I may have overlooked.
  10. So. You group all the skills that can get 150k/hr + as not real skills? Construction. Herblore. Range. Magic. Crafting. Prayer. Summoning. (Not counting charm gathering- which technically isnt within the exp gain time) You'd group all those, which, not even powertraining- can get that, and even some of these can go faster than fletch/fm/cook. :wall:
  11. I guess it's worth posting, yea, I have noticed a difference. Not as extreme as you have, however death rates definitally higher, and harvests, to a lesser extent a bit lower. Starting the beginning of this year, I had a farming spreadsheet (No, as much as I wish I did, I do not have the data up until this month). Here's January + February. EXPLAINED first: Yes, there are X's on the harvest numbers/average in Feb. Trust me, the average is about the same as the month before, however the reason it is incomplete, is that some merch crap happened in Feb causing me to have to sell the stocks I had. I might be able to find the specific harvest data around, but for now, this should suffice. Also, the average herb/patch is judged EXCLUDING deaths. I left out the part including deaths, however Including them, the average is 6.62. Random Crap: The death ratio for both those comes to around 10%. Don't nitpick specifics. This is all done with 99 Farming, Supercompost, Secateurs. I forgot to take out the "Total Picked" field. That field just means the number of seeds that didn't die.
  12. If the day/night comes, I'll be happy, it sounds awesome- however I'm wondering how they'll run it if they do: - Run it on a 'runescape' clock. Make it so everything is synced, so it goes by 1 clock. Meaning some players would usually play at a night, some at a day time. (This would be the dumbest option) - Make a setting to set your time (or whatever time you want for that matter- say you WANT to always be playing at night), So at about the time nightfall starts around that timezone, it starts like that in runescape. (Would be nice, and also the pic showed a few different darknesses, so it could get gradually darker. Nice effect if that's right) - Make some whacked out clock, where it changes like every hour (Hour of dark, light, etc). - Make it an option to turn off. Obviously the 2nd would be most likely, but I've learned- never count out the possibilities. The first could also happen as well, never know. Nice pics though.
  13. Hopefully someone will have the correct answer here. I was told that if you aren't risking 75k, then your free Protect 1 Item when you die is negated. I don't think it's true, but just to make sure, is this true or not? (And just because it sounds like it, no I don't plan to 1 item/etc, I just want to be aware if this is true)
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