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  1. We managed to get some more shards after most of the team left :) Overall an great event, lots of fun! Thanks for coming all :)
  2. your kinship is in your invent, rather than equipped so youre missing out on 1 log/invent? Nah he's burning maples. I just wanted to get the health boost, which is mostly in 10- 15 logs, so that 1 log don't matter much...
  3. On the site it says it can only give 1 magic seed drop, but I got 5 at one time. :)
  4. Happy birthday!!! =D

  5. What's wrong with the timer? I'm not sure how it can be off, GMT time-wise, as it runs on GMT time, and I set it for 8pm... I was also told that England isn't currently on GMT time, they're on BST time, so is that the mixup? If GMT is on BST time then it's all good. It's just weird, I live in GMT +1, so according to the date of the event should start at 9 P.M. But (If I calculate the timer correctly) the timer stops at 10 P.M at GMT +1, so it is a bit confusing.
  6. I think the timer, or the time that has been given is wrong. The timer says 9 P.M GMT but at the date it says 8 P.M
  7. Oooh nice! It was fun dging with you today :3
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