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  1. i got 132 just now i have 213 qp
  2. some of those are pretty good, very smooth. i'm still the best, though :P
  3. oh haha, no i'm not offended by the pic... i just dont rip pics
  4. i was browsing my comp and found this ss... the most gp ive been paid is prolly 1mil or so, but i've gotten items worth more a few times. it retrospect, this looks like probably the best deal i ever got for selling sigs... how bout y'all... whats the biggest profit u've made off a sig before? edit** actually... this one might be better-
  5. i dont put images like that in my sigs...
  6. silent (jon huang) first made the nodding av, i asked him for permission and he said i could make myself one just like it. so i made one (from scratch, using his for reference) just like it, but with permission... (and on his bday, i made him a bday card)
  7. i'll make another sig if anyone wants one...
  8. only noobs do that, you choob. everyone knows that only way to make a good sig is to incorporate other people's work in it... duh
  9. you could try making them...
  10. nah it's new... made it from scratch. a lot of my sigs looks similar, but i can assure you that it's 100% new
  11. thx... who are you? i dont remember u at all haha
  12. i'm not very good at pixel sigs
  13. nah... i don't rip pics
  14. does anyone want a sig? i'm thinking of making one right now... you can tell me whatcha want on it, like what color and style and text, and i'll try my best to accomodate -Chicken
  15. i think it looks pretty good way way better than what i'm used to seeing from you (a long time ago) :)
  16. Haha awesome post! Thanks guys lol. Want me, love me, shower me with kisses 8) -Chicken
  17. nah chicken doesn't show up... ever. -Chicken
  18. i think huang is the best gfx maker who's ever been on this board... i don't think anyone even mentioned me on this thread... aww i usually at least get a couple. maybe it's a sign... -Chicken
  19. Nope, don't do pixels. Here is your sig, peter. Thanks for your interest nadril. -Chicken
  20. lol okay link. You're definitely winning the "how much I like you category" ;) Peter, I think I'll sell you the sig unless zeeky replies soon and changes his mind about it being red. You can pay 80k or 100k or nothing or w/e, doesn't really matter. I'll give zeeky until 9pm EST or the next time I'm on, which ever comes last. -Chicken
  21. Okay. I think it looks much better in blue than it red, but if you insist, here- If you're serious about it, I can try a little more to make it better, but just red is not an easy color to work with for this type of sig. -Chicken
  22. Uh peter... I can just sell you this sig, if you want? I think I was selling it for 100k or something a while back, but buyer fell through. -Chicken
  23. I can try brushing a landscape... I don't use terragen or anything like that, and I never really tried making one in bryce. The only landscape i ever made was this brushing- It took a long time... maybe if you give a really specific description of what you want... Thanks symphony sky for you're interest. I'll let you know, but blues and whites are pretty boring, especially since i just finished a pale blue/white sig. You're in the lead in the "when you reply" category ;) -Chicken
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