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  1. And do you get a special message when you craft some extra runes?
  2. But I never get the extra runes/experience. Crafted 1000 essence now. Is there something special you have to do to activate it?
  3. I have the explorers ring 3, but when i wear it while crafting earth runes, I don't get the extra runes you're supposed to get. Why is this and what can I do about it?
  4. i started today already got 25gp, bronze pick, bronze med, bronze mace and iron full helm
  5. i just made an egg trader it's very hard to get good trades in the begining already got 2 trades: egg-->7 bones 7 bones-->3 bronze meds, 1 bronze dagger, 1 bronze axe
  6. i powermined iron in al kharid from 65 to 70 i think thats the best way (in F2P)
  7. thanks for the advice i think i try the lesser demon spot for a while
  8. sry double post close this please
  9. i'm training my range from 53 to 60 (F2P) does anybody know a good place to train without using food i dont care about drops im currently training at flesh crawlers (lvl 35) in the security stronghold
  10. very nice, you're almost there :thumbsup: i'm also going for 1k total pure f2p, 987 atm(almost there \ ) It sure is a nice country
  11. wow 3 mimes i only got 3 mimes in more than 2 years of playing (got my third 5 mins ago: mime top & boots :thumbsup: i'm so happy \ )
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