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  1. Don't worry about quality. Just buy whatever looks cheap and durable. Since I live in the Deer Hunting Capitol of the United States, it's not too hard to find them being sold for as little as $5, even $1 if I'm willing to use a mini-knife (~1 inch long blade). Also, try and buy something to sharpen them with. There should be something cheap and serviceable in the same section as the knives in any big store, but kitchenware knife sharpeners could also work. If you're looking for something truly yours, try and find something with a handle as long as your hand is wide, if not a little bigger. Don't worry as much about blade length, that's not what a pocket knife is designed for anyway. This went WAY off-topic, even for us, didn't it? ^_^;;
  2. Shouldn't $60 in 20s be enough? I know you carry pocket knives, but why carry so much cash on you? Those knives become useless if you lose that wallet somehow. :mellow: I dislike using my bank card for purchases, and there's very few options for banks in my area, so keeping a good chunk of change on hand's a good idea to avoid surcharges. Also, how do the knives get useless without a wallet? I'd figure that their purpose (utility, and "OH S#$@ MOVE!!!" fights/situations) doesn't need the wallet there as well. However, since it is a CHAIN wallet, there's probably some things that can be done with that in a pinch too. Heh. ^_^;;
  3. Let's see.... When I go out and about, I have my iPhone and a wallet with a couple hundred in $20s in my right pocket, and spare change and two pocket knives in my left. That's about it.
  4. So long as there are [wagon] on this planet, not really. At least, the fight's being brought to THEIR doorstep, not ours. ;) Of course it's big. This is /b/ that we're talking about, and perhaps the rest of the chans as well for good measure. What did you expect, a stern letter?
  5. HELL no. However, legalization would mean that people are more willing to come out with having this problem, and get help. The fact that it would tear HUGE chunks of money from the cartels (especially mary jane, not even sure why that one's illegal today) is also another thing to consider.
  6. True, but putting the number of personal details online for everyone to see that this would require would open up a can of worms bigger than anything that trolls could come up with.
  7. You guys got absinthe, should be enough. ;) Seriously, though, don't ban it. Yes, it will f!@# you up. Yes, it's basically a heart attack in a can. However, just because some people have rough reactions with it doesn't mean it should be banned altogether. Just grow some common sense, and stay away from this crap if you don't like it. And for the record, most drugs people talk about (excluding heroin, meth, etc.) should be legal; take the cash from the cartels, and that can basically end our whole southern border problem in one shot.
  8. To be honest, I'm amazed it took this long for Godwin to make an appearance in this thread. Good job, tip.it! :thumbsup: Well, I think they made a lot better arguments than mine, and with less outside links too. I'd like to hear your rebuttals.
  9. Danqa, I'd like you (and anyone else who doesn't like internet anonymity) to read the cracked article I posted on the first page. Read it thoroughly, and perhaps some of the comments on it too. Then, come back and give me your counterpoints to the ones in the article. This should clean this debate up nicely.
  10. Cracked done an article on this a while back.... Ah, here it is. http://www.cracked.com/article_18661_the-end-online-anonymity-why-will-you-be-freaking-out.html For those of you new to this particular site, cracked.com uses... COLORFUL language. Consider yourself warned.
  11. Alright. Screamers need to be tagged appropriately from now on, okay? If not, I'll report every one I find until they are. Any of you heard of the Slender Man? It's a creation from the Something Awful forums, but it's still freaky as all Hell. I'm in the middle of something, so I can't go rooting around the internet for a pic, but they should be easy to find. Also, http://soupandbutter.deviantart.com/gallery/ SOME of the pics are NSFW, but they're not visible from the thumbnail pics.
  12. Well, this looks as good a place as any. That link has a deviantart link to a.... gallery of a certain artist's rendition of a handful of the original 151. Don't go to it unless if you're ready. Every single one of these looks like they'll eat your soul through the monitor. Also, as a bit of an aside, am I the only one who thinks this guy's Lickitung looks like the Adjudicator?
  13. .... Just for the sake of argument, HOW specifically is all religion evil? Discount the fringe lunatics of each group (WBC, KKK, Al Qaeda, Taliban, etc.) and give it to me. From my (albeit jaded, but obviously you're not much better) viewpoint, religion in and of itself is a good thing. It sets down a moral code, it can bring people together (racial diversity of Christians is an example), and it tends to help keep people in high spirits. Knowing that there's a purpose to what they're doing rather than greed/self-satisfaction is very motivating for a lot of people. Also, please don't attack me or other people for our beliefs. While other religious folk (misguided, usually by misinterpretation of their religion or just plain ignorance) are certainly not innocent of this, we try to not go out of our way to personally attack the other side. Please extend the same courtesy, if you want any sort of real debate on this topic.
  14. You need to draw a distinction between normal, law-abiding, reasonable people and the fringe lunatics of a group. You get any group big enough, you will find people who abuse it for evil purposes. The thing separating religions from cults by popular definition is this: religions don't want to brainwash or hurt innocent people, but cults do. Scientology is a group of fringe lunatics by its basest levels. Just because someone doesn't think that everything ends when we physically die isn't a good reason to label someone as a screwball. When you try, it makes your position look worse. And yes, religious folks have been guilty of this too.
  15. When you got hundreds of thousands of random-ass dudes doing it at the same time, it'll mess up ANYBODY's day. While I'm not a big fan of piracy in the first place, what the record companies do is not any better. They pump out this overpriced [cabbage] (Lady Gaga, Ke$sha, most rap artists, N-SYNC and their clones, Beiber, etc.) and expect people to want to pay $20 USD a pop for it? Screw you, and get your ears checked. I don't agree with 4chan very often, but on THIS particular issue, well...... Anyone got a spare Guy Fawkes mask?
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