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  1. Preferably 120+ that just focuses on Soul Wars. Thanks.
  2. So pathetic how people pay so much RS gp (worth hundreds of real dollars) for a useless item.
  3. If I ever start playing again, I will bot. No way in hell I am going to spend countless hours just clicking crap to get levels.
  4. Lmao at 15 hours per day... pathetic life
  5. Graphs show exactly how I feel. The game is only getting worse. 2007 was a great year for it... Too bad I quit over a year ago, so my opinion isn't really valued!
  6. yaya runescape but i love wow more!! just checking my join date
  7. No it's one of those new things where you sit and listen/rest. It reminds me of a real song.
  8. I can't seem to figure out what the real song is to one of the music listening spots. Teleport with the Ectophial then head West to the music note, then listen. It sounds so familiar...
  9. What should I buy verac's helm or Karil's top
  10. I don't really have 1.9M to spend on Verac's helm. That's why I chose Rangers Helm. Is there any other alternative besides Verac's helms?
  11. This is my set up so far. Not sure what helm to use, Rangers or Nezzy... or....
  12. I can't decide whether to use a crystal bow and karil's bow or rune cbow with broad bolts. I Bought an archer's ring too. Here's my stats... Tell me what I should use in my inven. Thanks.
  13. Wow thank you all for the responses. I gained 2 slayer levels so far from the start of this thread! All the responses have helped me, thank you! And someone asked for a pic of my stats. Taken yesterday:
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