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  1. Lol.. I said "I will be ur gf" after some lvl 3 asked me to be his gf.. then HE went to varrock castle to do a "trust test" he wanted me to give him my Full zammy.. And I said do u really trust me? he said yes and gave me his 1mil "surprised at that" and he said give it back... and u know what happens next i avoid him blah blah blah Yes, I admit to scamming But I dont really think scamming the scammer is wrong, just a backfire.
  2. now steve change your title :lol: Pyroknight WON and fudge, dom or abysall didnt win did they? :wink: hit
  3. no thats wrong :? Hit abysall.. NExt hit he dies?
  4. *Praise To Zammy* :D Not Banned cause u like zammy wewt! Zammy4lyfe plz?
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