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  1. It looks so much better than the first one. Great Job :thumbsup:
  2. Q115. Because You Assume That They All Have The Same Pronounciation Yet They Do Not. "One-Three-Three-Seven" Does Not Sound Like"Lik3 T3h OoOmG I"M L-E-E-T" Q116. They Have To Leave The Toilet Seat Down Q117. Mmmk? Q118. Umm Isn't That Kind Obvious? Q119. What If Their Is Not Satan And No God And If They Were Real And Isn't Satan And God The Same PersonI Heard That From Some Other Topic :
  3. Lol Sorry Guys My Internet Has Been Mucking Up A Tad Bit Lately . Q88. No Q89. 15 Q90. Nah Don't Use ICQ Q91. Well Not Really I Don't Have A Dog Q92. Really? Q93. In The Near Future Possibly Orange Or Black Or White Or Blue Or White/Blue Or Orange/Black Or Orange/White Or Red Or Red/Black or Red/White And Maybe Some Different Types Of Colours Q94. Hmm Not Sure Either Rx8, Rx7, Supra, Mustang, Evo, Mr2, 350Z, 180sx, Not Sure Still Deciding And Depending On My Situation In The Future Q95. "Noob" Q96. None They Were All Dead Well They Might Be Unless Crocodiles Are Considered Dinosaurs Some Of Them Were Most Likely Killed For Food Q97. Either Use Your Imagination Or Make Some Friends And Pretend Their You Toys Q98. Around 40-70 Can't Really Be Bothered To Count Q99. Mentally or Physically Or Strongest In What, Strength, Skills Etc. Q100. Yes Q101. I Said No For Q88. And For Q100. I Said Yes, Just To Confuse You Q102. Don't Have A Car Q103. Hmmm I Would Say The Most Fun I've Ever Had At Wedding Crashers It Had Everything But Any Movie That's Funny I'll Probably Say It's My Favourite Q104. No Q105. No Q106. No Q107. No No Well Mainly Cause I Lied At The Begining Everything I Say Is A Lie So If I Lie Now Then Q104.-Q107. Could Also Possibly Be A Lie Q108. The Day I Ate Turtles For Breakfast, Lunch And Tea Q109. Until He Gets Hit By A Truck, Lives And Doesn't Cry Q110. Umm Where's The Finish Line Hong Kong Or Santa's House But Santa Isn't Real He Gave Up His Once A Year Job To Seek The Ever Growing Cabbage Business So I Would Suggest That Hong Kong's The Finish Line Theoretically If A Bird Ate The Worm And Flew Over Hong Kong The Worm Has A Larger Chance Of Winning Q111. You The Penguin Doesn't Have Fingers To Pull The Trigger Q112. Because People Started It Earlier And It Was Spread Far Quicker And Really We Can't Prove That God Is Real or Which Religion Is Right, It's More Into Your Faith And Beliefs Q113. I'm Not Two I'm 15 Also If You Want To Pay Me I'll Be Happy To Take Your Money : Q114. The Bottom One Is An I-Am-Better-Than-You-NOT Statement, Me And Him Had A Fun Joke Lol And Then Answer Is The Top One : Keep Those Question Rolling In :XD: .
  4. Q74. Their Are Alot If You Want A Specific Number Count How Many Stars You Can See At Night Multiply The Number By 4.124643 Then Divide It By 6.232231 Then Add 12412 Then Continue To Multiply By 2.543 Until You Get Tired Then Divide It By 2 :D Q75. Because People Believe In Religion Q76. Because People Are Measured On A Gangster Rating The Darker They Are The More Gangster They Are But Of Course People That Are Quite Pale Yet Act Gangster Aren't Gangster. Q77.Yeh Sure If You Try Hard :Studying Before The Test Is A Good Idea Q78. Because Circles Didn't Stand Still Q79.I Doubt It Cause Everyone Can Create Party Hats Now So The Economy Would Be Ruined Q80. Already Answered : Q81. Someone Already Answered Lol : . Q82. What You Said Was Not A Question But A Statement But I Will Refer It As A Question, I Haven't Googled Any Questions Since Q3. Lol It Was Merely A Joke So Don't Get Angry And This Is Only A Game So Have Fun : . Q83. -Infinity Q84. Your Body Needs Energy And If You Don't Eat Fat Is Then Converted Into Energy And If You Run Out of Fat Then Muscle : Also If You Anorexic Make Sure You Eat Your 3 Meals Daily Regulary And Eat Lots. Q85. Are You Joking?Seriously WTF is A Googleplex? Q86. Wear Protection In The Afterlife : . But Seriously Visit A Doctor Q87. Umm Depends How Far Away The Panda Is From The Disguised Moose And Since Their In Space No Matter how Heavy The Panda Or The Disguised Moose Is It Really Wouldn't Take Much To Lift The Moose.
  5. :D thats a pretty good job for your first try. Heres a good border tut. 1.Creater new layer 2.Ctrl+a 3. Edit->Stroke 4.1px black 5. Edir->Stroke 6.Depending on how big the sig is range from 5-20px *white* 7.Double click on the layer 8.Change it from normal to overlay 9.Click stroke move it to 1 px and set the colour to black Should be something around the lines of that i'm a bit tired lol and i can't remember everything too well but yeh GL and have fun :
  6. The whip and armor looks a tad bit strange but still a great job! :thumbsup: . Just curious is the ice barrage thing brushed? :-s .
  7. Q71.Yeh I'm Retired So What? I Can Still Post Here Lol, But I Might Be Playing Rs Again Soon. Q72. Meh Whatever You Want It Pretty Much Depends On The Person You Are, If You Really Wanna Stick To Someone Then Do It But If Not Then Just ExperimentNot To Mention Your Gunna Have A Bruised Cheek If You Go From Girl To Girl Too Quickly :lol: . Q73. Whoah Didn't Know We Spit That Fast, I Don't Even Think We Can Spit That Fast.
  8. Q65. This Is Ask A Smart Question Get A Stupid Answer Pretty Much. Q66. Already Answered Check The First Few Page :D . Q67. Well First The Penguin Eats The Twelve Shrimp, Then The Apple Gets Eaten By The Llama And The Wolf Eats Both The Penguin And Llama Thus Leaving You With The Would ANd You Eat The Would And You Use The Bones To Create A Raft To Cross The River So Therefore All The Animals Have Crossed The River : . Q68. Err September Didn't Have A Friday The 13th But I May Have Misunderstood Your Question. Q69. You Duck Under A Bomb Shelter And Cover Yourself In A Radiation Proof Blanket : . Q70. Not Anymore!
  9. Q64. Haven't Gotten Time But I'll Get To You Soon.
  10. Also just a hint. use Tags :lol: . And a good way to get someone to make you a pixel sig is, something they are interested in and something that is easy but not too easy. Really getting millions of requests of WHEEE!!! ME SITTING ON A PILE OF TEH UBER CASH I'M SO L337!!!. That kinda get's annoying but hey some pixelers love that kinda stuff. :| I'll give it a try :P If i got time that is.
  11. :D Hello789789. Lol even though I'm not playing often I'll sill join
  12. Q63. You Can Type Small By Click On. Choose One And It Should Look Like This Type Your Message Here. *=The Number Of The Font You Can go From 1-(Some Huge Number)
  13. Q60. :-s Because You Want To Stalk Me..... :anxious: . Q61. E=Everyone Mc=McDonalds ^2= The Whole World So.... Everyone Eating McDonalds Around The Whole World. My God That's Scary :ohnoes: .Also All I'm Expecting From You Is Math Equations Not Really Random :| . Q62.Tiny Letters Are CoolReally Really Tiny Letters Are Cooler. That Answer Your Question?
  14. :-s Aren't I Meant To Be Answering The Questions? Q59. You Did Not Finish It..... She Mistook It For A Cucumber Since You Were Still Young The Banana Was Still Green And She Bit Half Of Your Nose Off, Then When It Rained It Flowered And More Bananas Popped Out Which Made It Even Funnier. You Still Haven't Answered My Question Life_Mage12
  15. Q57. Cause You Ain't Duh Duh Duh Q58. Cause You Have A Banana As A Nose. : It's Funny Cause When You Turn Around You Usually Hit The Person Beside You.
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