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  1. You know what, I want the old gallery back too. The one from 4-5 years ago. That's embarassing man.
  2. I don't mind at all. I just noticed, people normally fight over this issue in a flame war in threads, which normally get cleaned up within seconds by one of the forum moderators. It's interesting to see some people's takes in a topic actually structured around this discussion.
  3. I doubt many people remember me. It's also been shown since, well, no one made the speculation until hiimben posted that image. The purpose of this thread is well summed-up below. And yes, despite the only subtle differences, the response from the users back then were generally nicer and less critical as a whole than they are now, from what I've experienced. I didn't mind your post at all. That's why I didn't write anything below it, I must've accidentally quoted you. Also, if anyone is curious, here were three prominent posts from my thread from when I posted the image years ago. [hide=] [/hide]
  4. I don't think you understand what I'm getting at. This image was done by me when I first started. When I barely began trying pixeling. This wasn't a recent work, it's infact 2 1/2 years old if the save date is correct. I'm just a little dissapointed, comparing and contrasting the comments I received when I posted this 2 1/2 years ago, compared to what I receive now on the exact same image. Sure, users would show their discontent, but never to the extent of downright saying 'ew' or 'sucks'. Maybe I am being a little to critical of users, but I was just a little disturbed at some topics I've seen. I don't know, maybe the times have changed. P.S. I also suggest actually reading thoroughly posts before replying to them. (:
  5. What I was examining and 'trying out' was the sudden immaturity of Tip.it since 2-3 years ago. When I posted this image during that time, I recieved a large amount of criticism...yet a fair amount of "I can find ____ is positive, I hope you keep on trying." Recently, when browsing this forum, I had run into a person's topic about their first 'pixel'. That artist was flamed to hell before he recieved any decent advice. Even then, browsing some more, I had only found one post out of the many I reviewed to have the statement which resembled the idea of "Keep going". The....criticism and the content within it has seemingly gone way downhill since I've last been on. While I have made myself a prominent artist during my time (or I would think), I had never achieved that standard without the encouragement and help of others*. Despite criticism being a large focus of posts, I feel it is being used way too often and sometimes as a thin excuse to bash another person's art. All I see now is 95% criticism and 5% positive, possibly even less. I don't want to sound like I'm ranting or flaming at other users. I just feel that we've gotten a little caught-up within ourselves. Art can always be improved on, constructive criticism helps, but the other half of the secret to becoming a great artist is motivation from peers. It's just that this reason is sadly why I rarely come on Runescape forums or do Runescape related art unless it's for payment, since every other pixel topic ends up as a flame war, usually over a 'newer' artist's pixel art. Just hoping this message hits home with some users. If it doesn't, then please disregard this post and continue commenting on the original image. *Yes, AceJack has helped me, which explains the dramatic shift in my shading style. Going from smooth gradients to rocky jagged and noisy textures. I'd also want to go over some of these posts. I understand your heart is in the right place, but the introduction, yet subtle could really make an impact on an artist. Answered that :P 2. Guthan's Helm has too much width and too less height. 3. Scimitar is too thick. 4. Lava in Bg sucks... 5. Text sucks. 6. Mark of Zaros, on Ancient Staff, must be bigger. 7. Whats the thing under guthan's cape?? 8. Pillar looks plane. 9. No perspective noticed :) Just seemed quite rude, yet I can understand how it could be missed while posting. Amazing post, I'm glad I had many, many, many posts like these when I first started out.
  6. I think the word you're looking for would be saturation.
  7. Just testing out something. I may re-edit it later.
  8. I remember when you could exploit Varrock sewers and go into the 'dark space' outside the walls (:
  9. I feel that when a fun-factor in the game is removed, players have the right to protest. I'd be angry if someone took COD4 out of the collection of my Ps3 games :roll:
  10. Yes, f2p range can go up only to what? Willow bows? That's level 30 as I care to remember and is incredibly weak o_O F2p melee gets an incredible level 40 rune with dozens of various effective weapons? o_O Mage has a dandy spell set, which I think is quit fine :P
  11. I'll tell you what I'd do with that sandwhich. I'd shove it down her throat and save millions of players from the fustration she brings upon them.
  12. Good news mate, **** words are NOT considered offensive. Quoted by JaGeX: "Since the words are starred out and unseen, they are not deemed offensive, attempts to avoid the filter are, however." So star all you want, as long as it's in moderation.
  13. While not to the extent of banning, players are idiots, yes :roll:
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