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  1. rtzz, you're #100! I do believe you meant you can't see the images... I don't see how putting them up on another site would help, maybe you just can't view PNG images? I'm too lazy to put them on Imageshack too.
  2. Yeah, I'm still alive and updating the supporters list pretty much daily if there are anymore people posting. Almost 100, it's getting pretty close, who will claim #100? Will it stay at 99 forever? ....or 98?
  3. Yeah, It'd be great if there was like, unlimited wilderness back there, but it's like total hell and if you manage to get far there, theres some big prize at the end of wild... That would be awesome.
  4. J_master: It's becuase I forgot it and I'm too lazy to put it in =P Drakolord7: I hit the Print Screen button and used MSPaint to do the rest. I added all you guys to the support list. Only 18 more until 100! I'd also like to thank inferno char, he sent me a PM about being in the B.I.S.S.S. and this'll be on its way to that topic... it's quite an honor, I'm pretty glad to be in it. Thanks everyone for you support =)
  5. Yeah, it's a great idea. Definately great for those who want to buy/sell party hats and other rare... rares can't find anyone to buy or sell one. I support!
  6. I remember being able to talk on tut island, but you could only see yourself talk and no one else. You can, though, private message, but you still cannot recieve messages.
  7. Wow, I got like 10 supporters to add to the list. Finally hit 50+ woo! I'll probably make some sigs later... I got next week off school and I'm really lazy and never remember to check this topic. Yay me.
  8. Bumpity. I don't plan on doing anything new to this topic because I don't play Runescape anymore, but I'll keep the topic updated with supporters =D
  9. 30 seconds to download a 1.5 MB file? That must be fast dial-up. I prolly can't download that fast with my little 56K modem here...
  10. So... You walk on him, he's gone... And you step off of him and he's back, with the saying and everything? okay?
  11. I put this into the main post: If you get attacked, the map will automatically close. You can't use it during combat. If you go in a dungeon and use the map, your 'Where Am I?' icon will not be visible on the world map. JaGeX doesn't really provide us with dungeon maps... maybe they do... I don't know.
  12. It'll be p2p/f2p because of SO many people fresh off tutorial island. Members is hard to get around too, I'd suppose.
  13. I do agree that body runes are pretty much useless. But a healing spell would make the fights NEVER END
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