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  1. Cry me a river, he's at number 3 now. All the people that worship the ground he walks on will stop crying when he starts summoning and gets back to number 1 again.
  2. I think that this is one of the stupidist things JaGeX has ever done, simply because there is absolutely no point in building a better treasure chest...
  3. Some might say I'm a no lifer (my mom in general) but I don't play all day, except on weekends. And school work usually comes first. I've never skipped school to play runescape or anything. But I'd be a lier if I said that runescape is a huge part of my life.
  4. Exactly what I do. I never pked, but I loved the wild strangely. Now I love it even more, but have lost some of the thrill of visiting there. The sheer thrill of having a pker chasing you hell bent on running you through was such a rush. Oh well, only thing that affects me is the trade limit, but I'm a big quester anyway, so with the new updates that make is so you can trade more the more quest points you have is gonna work out fantastic for me.
  5. If range is the combat of tomorrow i'm sticking with melee. Rune arrows will never penetrate my mighty rune plate body and dragon skirt! (Well maybe sometimes)
  6. wait wait wait wait, you said PVP? summoning? i doubt they'll involve player vs player with it! They mentioned in the development diary that it would be player vs. player. I definitely remember them saying something about "No summoning duels". Therefore, player vs. player summoning. :mrgreen: Its for dueling. They said that they will include the "No Summoning" option in duels. Also duels is a duel, Duel Arena. if it was pking, they would had said "No Summoning fights". Then tell me why they would implement a "Protect from Summoning prayer"? To only use in duels? I doubt it. Not only in duels but in BH, and many other minigames such as: Fight pits Castle Wars Clan Wars and every minigame that involves a player fighting. Summoning in C wars and clan wars would be AMAZING. I really hope they let us do it...but why wouldn't they?
  7. I train my skills, play pest control or castle wars, do clue scrolls, quests, and personally I'm in a clan that does lots of roleplaying stuff and lots of monster missions, which adds to the fun of the game in my opinion.
  8. You sir, have braved the darkest depths of hell, and have brought us back that while the cost of victory was great, all is not lost, and that now runescape can be taken back by the players. Not the bots and RWT. Kudos to you sir, and Jagex.
  9. Well, I personally enjoy the Wild update, because I'm non-pk, and love the wilderness anyway. Now I can go and train much easier. But the 3k rule on trading I don't like, but not enough to make me quit, not even close. It's a problem I'll have to deal with. Hopefully Jagex will come up with some way that will let people lend items still, and maybe even donations (I donate to my clan leader alot for his poh, which is our base). Even though I do like wild update I feel bad for pkers who are upset.
  10. "It's lost a lot of popular features today, but perhaps - for those who still wish to play - it'll end up as a better gaming experience when Jagex isn't waging a constant battle with RWT merchants and their bots?" I agree with that statement 100%. We lost some great things, and will lose another soon enough. But for those who stay, runescape, while there will still be bots almost idefinatly, will be much better, as these bots will have, essentially, no use at all.
  11. Thx for the compliment i'm usualy considered one of the most unintelegent people on T.I.F. Oh, well either way, all I've seen is people saying that runescape is ruined now, without seeing the reason behind all of it.
  12. Yup, Same thoughts here, and I actually like the wild update, but feel bad for the people that hate it, they just cut out a huge part of runescape. But the trading aspect of the update sucks, hard.
  13. Your the most inteligent person I've seen on the internet today. I'm pissed about the trading aspect, but I understand why Jagex had to do it. Would you rather have a runescape filled with autoers and real world item traders? Or runescape with a few features taken away. Let me ask you that. Oh, and don't forget all the ways that these people hurt Jagex as well. Would you rather have somewhat worse runescape or NO runescape.
  14. I'm going to keep playing no matter what. I love the Wilderness update personally, as I'm non-pker but love the wild, just for fighting monsters. But I can perfectly see why the pkers are pissed about this. And I feel bad for them. But the update about trading...it's gone to far. Even though I'm non-mechant, it's going to be ruined, and what if were doing a friend a favor, like mine just died and lost about 200k in items, so I gave him 20k to help him out, good thing I did it now, because I won't be able to do it in the future. And what about a clan? I'm in a clan, and our leader takes donations towards his poh, which functions as our clan base. Now I can't donate large sums to him? Jagex, you've just come out which will be the most hate updates ever.
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