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  1. See Lasse these people make skill capes suck. Yeah they do since skillcapes obviously isn't meant to showoff with, let's just store it in the bank and look at it every once in a while. :| ONTOPIC, despite any fight you and I had, and what we said to each other, Gratz. You deserve this cape 100%. Good work.
  2. Aight, first off you need to make it so that when you hover your mouse over one of the numbers, ALL numbers disappear. Because keyloggers works like this (or they can, work as this): Everytime you click the mouse, it takes a blackandwhite screenshot of the screen with very low quality. Because of this, the image becomes very low in size, and can be sent withour much fuzz to the person who sent it to you. This is why a keylogger can get you're bank pin, it gets the four clicks, the person who sent you the keylogger looks at each one of them, and sees what numbers are gone. And voila, they know your PIN! Now, if we made it so that all numbers dissapear on clicking, people making keyloggers would have to make a screen record feature, and they'd have to make it enabled all the time since they obvioulsy don't know when you're gonna log in. That is 24/7 screen recording, even WITH low video quality, it would be a big big mess to send those extremely large video files over the internet. Secondly, you need to have this on forum login, and all other stuff like that too. Otherwise, of course it should be put into the game. And since it would be optional, it doesn't make any sense at all not to have it. Jagex should realise :|
  3. You can pm Jagex a list of Macroer Names.
  4. If RuneScape had real sounds, yes. But now we have midi effects, it wouldn't be cool.
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