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  1. i got a new acc... but nothing on him... free gifts please :D pm me here please ^^ would love u
  2. i dont know - arnt they in multi spots and u have to use prayer?
  3. earth arnt that good :( tried it :(
  4. ct?! never heard of this??? u need quests?
  5. only 32 was a 1 def pure few days ago :D
  6. i wanna know where a good place to train cbt with guthan and get charms. my stats: 75 att 92 str 70 def 52 sum please help me :(
  7. hey its me: runenpfeil gratzzz :P was it boring @sw :D
  8. mage = course / telespells / high alch prayer = bury bones :roll: att = lamps :thumbsup:
  9. thx... but idk how 2 mine rune ores with 10hp!? plx 1 hit me ^^
  10. thx - but i think ill get def + ranged up :D skilling is boring as hell atm :D
  11. Rate or Hate CBT: 44 Ownage: 1337 :P ill get member i think what should i train?! i think ill train def + hp + ranged rangetanker ftw ^^
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