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  1. 84 now :D ive tried heroes but its impossible done wildy got 3 ores got pked once lol.
  2. never thought if that, thanks alot =D> gangster add me btw, do you remember me from rsr?
  3. vacation:1-8hours a day dependin on if i go out wid m8s skl days:1-3hours a day weekends:1-8hrs dependin on if im wid m8s or not
  4. well i have an old pure secret name with the stats of... 20def 40att 30str 47range 41magic i did this in like 4 days or sumink so i was wonderin cus i got it 20def... shud i make it a 40def ranger wiv... 40def 80range 40att 70str 60magic or shud i jst make a new pure ranger without melee stats
  5. the older generation r beter becus they have more experience from other games like diablo,dunguen and dragons and when we were litle kids they were plain these game they yhave like 10-20 yrs experience
  6. loads of older rs players seem to have more skil in rs and r more patient and dont play as much but stil beat as younger lot im guesin its becus they have experience from diablo,dunguen and dragons and all the other games smiliar to rs...thats y i wont tell my uncle about this game or he wud own me.... me myself is only 12
  7. yer the economy in rs has doubled in a matter of weeks then droped to less then ever becus the huge demand for items... when there is a huge demand prices rise straight away low demands there low..y do u think the whip has gone from 10mil to 5mil then to 6mil now sitin at 2.8mil....
  8. ok me and my friend burnzie27 want a sig of us doin stuff together heres some ideas:and price money is around 1-3mil dependin on quality my character has brown [bleep]ey hair with no bear and no moustache(boy) hers has long brown hair(girl) 1)me doin ice burst while whipin some1,and er zammy flamin some1...or(other ideas wud be good tho) 2)us owning some in duel arena 3)us owning some in cw
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