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  1. Hehe good luck with destroying runescape : Oh and with the rest too of course :wink:
  2. Well yes but I don't care about this game anymore, and I will give you your glories back :)
  3. Np ;) Well.. I am taking a break now. I started 1 week back, and I haven't missed runescape so far.. So I guess my time has come :( See you later all
  4. Omg it's my money you B3GGAR!! Woot got it! =P~
  5. 2 to go :) (u stpped crafting(A)?) ow i see it(A) srry lolz xD ;) Thanks :) Did some slayer today, got this clue I think I will be rc'ing in through the week and do other skills in weekend
  6. Aww :( Have fun in Rl man :) I'm sure I'll see you around somewhere.. sometimes :anxious:
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