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  1. kyle99


    Made from a beginner tutorial, didn't turn out to great, probably my best though.
  2. Not only is your guide short and discript, it's wrong. Willows are not the best way, teaks are, and eucs are the best for profit.
  3. Thanks for the comments, I might try to add more detail on it later, but I'm kinda busy right now. School = FTL...
  4. Just messing around and came up with this. Ya, I know, I suck at text :P
  5. Wow, i love it. Can't wait for the final product :D
  6. Hmm, just doesn't go with me... Seems like the render needs to be blender a tad bit more, and it's way to big. 6/10.
  7. kyle99


    Thanks. Unfortuantly it's way to big for tip.it sig, but i can use it other places.
  8. kyle99


    Thanks :D This was my first one where i actually tried to blend the render : Anyway, i might blend my next sig a tad more
  9. kyle99


    Thought i turned out ok looking. Please rate ?/10
  10. post it in the sig resizing thread.
  11. Ok, cool, thanks. I added u on msn. Is this wip any better on the colours?
  12. well, if u made your sig right now, id say your no beginer :D
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