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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. I plan on camping Fiends for 96 summoning. I Currently have charms banked for 90. I was just wondering would Fiends be better to fight in the Chaos Tunnels or in the Ancient Cavern? Also, if it is the Tunnels, what should I wear? I tried Guthan's from a tip my friend gave me but that in conjunction with uni's doesn't heal very often, and I ran out of sharks, then almost died lol. Help plawks? I hate camping monsters, but I cbf to train Slayer lately. Therefore, Fiends are the only option left.
  3. Awwww! I've been looking forward to something like the Adventurer's Log for a few years now. Any news on it at all? Some people have already seen some of their stats and I would like to see mine.
  4. Oh, that's kind of you, thanks matey. And if I was pouting, I didn't know. I usually always have a stupid face in any picture I'm in.
  5. MY face? I dunno, I was born that way....geez.... Talk about yer downers.
  6. Hey apparently my pictures are no where to be found, and those were probly old anyways. Wish I knew how to do the hide tags. AND \:D/
  7. Qu, those are known safespots. Or atleast I knew about them from a while back.
  8. Hey, even though I don't really talk to anyone on here I figured to hell with it, I'll throw some of my pics up here too. I'm not a very photogenic person so bleh. AND I have more, but I either look like I'm stoned or have down syndrome. :?
  9. Um, I'm new to this deciphering the chaos ele's messages, but about the "Mr E Frdrty Wirdy and Mr E Utwrwir Wirdy." part... I don't think it means people. I don't know if anyone has suggested this but Mr E could mean Mystery..dunno what the jumble of letters means. Maybe you ladies and gentlemen can figure that out.
  10. Hey I was just wanting your opinion on something Axe Man. Do you think ROW helps with whip drops? I hear many people say it does, then others who say they get more whips and more often without it. Personally, I have only gotten 3 since i got 85 slayer about 2 months ago. I don't camp them often like most people, just fight them during tasks or camp there for a day. So far I've gotten 1 whip on a task with ROW and 2 whips while camping, 1 without ROW and 1 with it. Do you think it makes any difference? Some lucky dudes get like 2 whips in a task. Grrrrr
  11. yeah sports guy i knew all of that already...like i said ive been playing the minigame for 5 days, it's easy to get the hang of. just the drop rates for the items are remedial. i will try out killing more lumberjacks though, maybe it is tied to a counter.
  12. honestly, i dont care about the xp, ive been wanting to get it just to have it for a few months now. but its so annoying that jagex makes it all [developmentally delayed]ed to get.
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