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  1. Deifnately the older names. As you can see by my sig, i have been around for a while too. Sucks i can't get back on classic tho. Prasier was my first guy, and then i made PrasierDemon and just used him more. Mainly cause my friend Yakshini made a YakshiniDemon i think lol. No one on either of my friends lists ever log on anymore haha. And i find myself talking about the old days when i spend countless hours mining in the mining guild now haha. People are always astounded to learn i have been around for so long. I don't really play hardcore or anything anymore, takes to much effort. Or should i say lack there of. I want to click to mine over, and over and over dang it lol! Prasier
  2. I personally dislike the new and "improved" RS. I think it lacks the dedication of classic RS. Everything is WAY to easy now. All the old players have left, the people that have been there since the beggining like me. Almost 6 years i have been playing this game, and if i started a new charecter now, i would be at my same level in 1/10th the time it took me in 02. Mining is probably the cheapest and easiest way to make money still. Not to mention all you have to do is click once til you get an ore now. Whats with that, to lazy to click untill you get ore? I broke like 3 mice on this game. Now i could be a lvl 60 in 4 days if i wanted to. Heck, i was around before RUNE. When Adam was the best you could wear and people trained range at the guild on the chickens across the fence lmao. When there was no wildy, and you went to train on Greater Demons for exp. Coal sold for 400 each and there was 3 worlds. When fishing was a 60 gold round trip process to the island and back, and bannanas kept you alive while you were there. If i could convice Andy and them to let me play classic again, i would. I have tried, they said no. :thumbdown: All in all, i would trade this new, "improved" RS for classic any day! Prasier
  3. Traded Bluerose13x 25 rune ore with 200 coal for full rune, including 2H. I bought the rune ore for 100 each, and the coal i mined myself. Back in classic. The good ol days haha!
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